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    Singapore Transit

    Do we still need to take a pre-departure covid test in SYD to transit through Singapore on my way to FRA
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    Good evening just on flight radar and this aircraft has taken off and is now in a loop of the coast of Syd. Qantas A380
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    Hi Folks, question is. Is it cheaper to purchase flights through Airlines or Expedia and or TA.

    With that online booking company 365 going belly up i stay clear of these companys including Expedia. Just wondering who gives best price for flights. TA or Airlines and Expedia. When booking a hotel i go on see a price then go to hotel Website to see price, then i ring them direct...
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    AU OR Euro when booking a hotel from Aus using a visa card .

    Hi, could you please tell me how to get best exchange rate when booking and paying for a hotel in Europe using An Aus visa card. And also overseas when you buy something and they ask you do you want to pay in Euro or Aus dollar. Thanks for any help.