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    SPG and AA is BACK ON!

    Yes, I too have received an email confirmation forwarded from the Marketing Manager which basically say: “Letting you know – we have obtained an indefinite extension from DCI for SPG.”
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    No more Diners points transfers to SPG or AA from 01 June 2016

    I have spoken to Diners customer service to express my disappointment and will definitely cancel the card if they go ahead. I ask her to pass on the feedback to management. I told her that the only thing I do with Diners points is to transfer to SPG then AA. I'm not interested in anything else.
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    Diners - Jumping on bandwagon

    I have the same experience. Paid using MC in December and points received on the next statement as you always have to wait for the next statement for the points.
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    Diners - Jumping on bandwagon

    Fully agreed! Once you worked out the merchants who accepts them, then it's pretty smooth sailing plus there's the MasterCard combo to fall back on. They too initially got the points wrong on my account but I complained to them immediately and then they got the points wrong again but in my...
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    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    25% discount using Amex from Amex only (not bank issued Amex) at Peking Garden Restaurant in Hong Kong.
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    "Enhancements" to MR earn on Platinum Card, Reserve & Centurian

    I had an unpleasant surprise when my restaurant spend only get 1 point/$1 instead of the expected 3 points/$1 and now I know why after emailing Amex. Dear sparoy, Thank you for your email. I have taken a look at your Membership Rewards Account and the transaction in question. You are...
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    Diner's Club Application Process

    In my application for the combo cards I gave my accountant's details as a "security contact" complete with business address and business phone no. When they contacted him they asked his residential address and home phone as well. Needless to say he wasn't very impressed at all.:mad:
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    DC right for me?

    I’m seriously thinking of getting this combo to replace my Amex Plat Charge. With the upcoming Amex MR devaluations, even 1.25 points/$1 for MC is better than 1 point/$1 for Amex for the majority of my use and even better with 3 points/$1 for DC wherever it is accepted. Most of my Amex MR...
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    Enjoy a night away on us (AMEX Charge Platinum)

    I've received the offer too :D
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    AMEX Platinum 80,000 bonus points offer

    It took me longer than 10 min, but eventually got it halved to $450 after asked to be transferred to the cancellation department. It seemed that it's getting harder to negotiate the fee nowdays.
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    Free upgrade to Citibank Signature Visa

    Does anyone know whether the free upgrade card will have access to SPG? If it is then can you opt out from QFF earning, so you can send the points to SPG?
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    Lumo Energy 10K startup + 10 BO/$

    Thanks for the update Brooke01. I think I will now go ahead with switching to Lumo. Do we need to sign a contract for a certain period of time with them? sparoy
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    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    My 2 local Red Lea Chicken shops have stopped taking Amex :(. Have to get our chickens from Woolworth now to maximise the Wish card usage due to the DSmith promo.
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    [closed for registration] 6 Points/$1 at Ðick Smith (over $50)

    04/05/2011**** SMITH ELECTRONICS PAGEWOOD NSW $500.00 500 2,750 3,250
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    [closed for registration] 6 Points/$1 at Ðick Smith (over $50)

    Received my 5x bonus points on the weekend after Amex called me to say that they will have to do that manually every time. I will start buying Wish gift card again at *Smith to maximise the bonus points until end of June.
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    Amex Promotions/Bonus Points - Constant Problems

    I have received my Rebel voucher today.
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    Amex Promotions/Bonus Points - Constant Problems

    I'm still waiting too.
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    [closed for registration] 6 Points/$1 at Ðick Smith (over $50)

    Yes, I'm in the same boat. Just finished talking to Amex and they told me the promo ended 31 Dec 2010. I have been getting bonus promo points in Jan but not in Feb. If anyone has a copy of the T&C, I would appreciate it.
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    [closed for registration] 6 Points/$1 at Ðick Smith (over $50)

    re: [closed for registration] 6 Points/$1 at Ðick Smith (over $50) I've registered for this promo late last year with my Amex Plat Credit Card and have been getting the bonus points. I'm applying for an Amex Platinum Charge Card and wonder whether I would still get the bonus using the new...
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    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    I've received the same email too.