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  1. MrJetset

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    That's it. We only fly F international and J where that isn't an option. I believe the agent meant how many requests you've made that have been granted, not total requests as whole. It would not surprise me if the programming of approvals is highly scientific and mathematical.
  2. MrJetset

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Yes. There are many factors. QF have a customer ranking system, I don’t remember the acronym. I have also been told by agents length of status, fares purchased and amounts of requests are also factored into the droid. I cannot attest to the validity of this, though.
  3. MrJetset

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Fiji agents have said they have to get approval to call outbound and that they cannot call out of their own will. I also have knowledge of call centre tech and the above two statements support my conclusion. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. This doesn't excuse missed call backs. The...
  4. MrJetset

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    You missed the point. They can do callbacks as mentioned above, however it has to go through a process.
  5. MrJetset

    Mel - DXB - Rome: Forced 20 HR Layover in DXB. Possible Issue?

    As long as you have new eticket numbers. Enjoy DXB!
  6. MrJetset

    Mel - DXB - Rome: Forced 20 HR Layover in DXB. Possible Issue?

    You don't have a stopover, it's a transit. At 20 hours you are still within the 24 hour transit timeframe. Have you been reticketed for the change? You must get a new ticket number from QF. You are free to book accomodation and explore the city, however you need to decide whether to through...
  7. MrJetset

    EK Availability using QF

    There are none. You can try searching using the multi city tool but you will likely yield the same result. QF awards have to be the lowest level and currently EK mainly have higher level Flex awards. You'll have more luck to and from DXB from other ports.
  8. MrJetset

    Tried to use BP rewards discount but declined. Points still removed from account.

    The lesson learnt is that even QF baulked at this value. Repeat after me: "Never spend points on anything other than flights."
  9. MrJetset

    Bizarre 'attack'

    An openly gay CEO who led the marriage equality campaign by donating $1m of his own, matched by QF's $1m gets physically assaulted on stage yet people here are defending death threats or his home being vandalised? There is no excuse, it's abhorrent behaviour.
  10. MrJetset

    BA canceled and connecting to QF2 award... Is it fixable?

    @ChrisMars A fellow AFTer reported that the QF london ticketing office found an alternative connection for this exact issue. I imagine EU rules mean they are more likely to help you. See
  11. MrJetset

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Most inbound call centres cannot call outbound. It's not like having a phone you can just dial in and out of, it's complete automated, so this doesn't surprise me. They would also need to ensure the outbound call is recorded.
  12. MrJetset

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    The foreign call centres have been trained to make a commercial class booking and another in an award class. At least that's what Fiji was. As I previously documented, this is completely incorrect and there will be no request to the droid made. I don't know who they call. Is it a local agent, a...
  13. MrJetset

    How to manage multiple frequent flyer numbers on an award booking?

    It can be done, however I have little faith in call centre agents managing this for you. The fields are mentioned here Using Status Benefits & Earning Points with Different Programs I would simply leave everything as is and use your QR card to enter the lounge. They may say they need to add it...
  14. MrJetset

    Zeroing out Vs cancellation of flights

    Persistence pays off!
  15. MrJetset

    Changing date of first sector in a 2x flight Reward itinerary?

    HUACA until you get HBA. It can easily be done. I've had complex multi sector awards changes, but every time I got Fiji I would HUACA.
  16. MrJetset

    Is it time that Qantas guaranteed a fixed number of Classic Rewards seats on EVERY flight?

    BA have done this for years (except F) On all our British Airways flights to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick we guarantee a minimum number of reward seats. We offer at least 8 seats in economy (Euro...
  17. MrJetset

    QF A380 back in service from January 11

    +1. People can bash QF and AJ all they want, but look at BA, Easyjet, LHR, AMS, ARN to see this is a global issue.
  18. MrJetset

    QF A380 back in service from January 11

    Downgrades and bumped.
  19. MrJetset

    Flight delayed, missed connection and abandoned by Qantas

    Travel insurance will calculate a cash value of the points. This is generally worse than what the airline may give you as an estimate, so useful to find out and counter.