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  1. RoMambai

    Gasp... Spend $150 at Coles for 9000 FB bonus points!

    I got 4000 for $90 which I jumped on last night. Just checked my account and it's back again until Thursday. Pity as there's no way I can back it up so quickly. I just don't eat that much....
  2. RoMambai

    The 5 Stans of the Silk Road

    Seeing the plov with lamb picture reminded me of the region's preference for fat lamb bums. It's highly prized and often served up to the guest as a sign of respect.....they never could understand why we preferred red meat.
  3. RoMambai

    The 5 Stans of the Silk Road

    Osh used to be predominantly Uzbek - it's the major urban centre of the eastern Fergana valley - but it was the scene of politically engineered communal violence about a decade ago that saw many driven over the border. The famed bazar there was also razed. The Fergana Valleyin general was Al...
  4. RoMambai

    The 5 Stans of the Silk Road

    Not to me. I found the difference between Tajikistan and the other Stans to be stark. It's a Persian-speaking island surrounded by a Turkic sea (Dushanbe is Persian for Monday, not Arabic) and so has a feel that resembles Iran. The people are also not asiatic in appearance like their Turkic...
  5. RoMambai

    The 5 Stans of the Silk Road

  6. RoMambai

    Lombok R&R.

    Gorgeous pics. I lived in Indonesia for 3 years and loved every minute of it. Those food shots have taken me back there! Terimah kasih banyak and enjoy the rest of your trip.
  7. RoMambai

    Multiple bombs explode in Colombo [April 21]

    I was with over 1000 ADF personnel on exercise in Colombo (many of us were r&r-ing at the Shang, including yours truly) just days before this atrocity. Had the attacks happened when the Task Group was there, it would have been a blood bath. My heart goes out to SL.
  8. RoMambai

    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    Thanks OP - extremely generous of you. It's been donkeys since I last saw the inside of the First Class lounge. Pls count me in.
  9. RoMambai

    The 5 Stans of the Silk Road

    You won't, unfortunately, get into Afghanistan but if you could, it is by some stretch the most authentic of the Stans. The north is predominantly Tajik but without the Russian influence and has amazing valleys and scenery to boot. Try and get to the Pamirs if you can to experience something...
  10. RoMambai

    Taxis At Denpasar Airport Bali.

    The taxi mafia in DPS (and CGK to a lesser extent) is a blight that must go. I got sick of being greeted by the thuggish blue wall when exiting customs that I now just walk right by them and keep walking. After the first set of touts is a second set of touts (presumably drivers who've paid less...
  11. RoMambai

    Hello to fellow flyers

    Hi Madmax - nice of you to join. Welcome.
  12. RoMambai

    CBR Autumn get together 1800 on 20 March 19

    Ok you two - behave! I would have loved to have participated but I'll be en route to Visakhapatnam for one month - yes sadly for me, literally en route! Another war story to regale you with gmoh at another time....
  13. RoMambai

    David Jones credit card and previous closed amex

    It works the opposite way, unfortunately. Holding any other Amex will still allow you to get the DJ sign on bonus, provided you haven't had a DJ card in the last 18 months. But in your circumstances, you'll miss out. Tip for players who churn Amex every 18 months (like I do), is to sign on to...
  14. RoMambai

    Transfer Bonus to SQ from Amex?

    If there has been, I've never seen it. I wouldn't be holding any hope of this happening but you never know.
  15. RoMambai

    AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card 100k QFF bonus

    I must have missed this development. May have to bring this to the attention of my retired parents. Thanks!
  16. RoMambai

    AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card 100k QFF bonus

    The link says the applicant needs to have a personal gross income of $65,000. Can't see anywhere which states that household income is considered.
  17. RoMambai

    Relative value: QFF and Velocity points

    It's more the supply and demand and the application of market-like forces that makes OzB valuations an interesting reference. It makes for a far more rational baseline than subjective evaluations.
  18. RoMambai

    Relative value: QFF and Velocity points

    I suspect scarcity is a major determinant of the value of points. So too are redemption availability, taxes, quality of the product, range of destinations and so on. OzB is far from a perfect market but it is the closest approximation.
  19. RoMambai

    Relative value: QFF and Velocity points

    The best valuation for points is what they actually 'trade' for on OzB. There, VA points tend to advertise for a ten per cent discount relative to QF points. Ie 1.1cpp compared to Qantas' 1.2cpp. Interpret from that what you will, but it suggests Velocity are marginally less valuable than the...