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    Business Lounge - Perth for Jetstar flights

    Hi there! I have a flight to Bali with Jetstar coming up and have some complimentary Qantas club lounge passes that I need to use. Is there any lounges at Terminal 1 hat I can get access to using them? TIA
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    Complimentary QF Lounge passes on Jetstar

    Hi there, Just a quick question! Can I use my complimentary qantas lounge passes I recieved with my credit card on an international Jetstar flight (Perth to Bali)? TIA!
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    Business reward seat - lounge access?

    Oh awesome! And I’m guessing it doesn’t matter what tier we are As we are both bronze we didn’t want to invite two friends we are travelling with them have them rejected at the entrance of the lounge!
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    Business reward seat - lounge access?

    Hi All, My partner and I have booked a classic reward seat in business class from Perth-Broome. 2 questions - 1. Do we have access to the lounge & will it be open for a 7.10am departure time? 2. Can we bring a guest each to the lounge? TIA
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    Free Free 2 x Qantas Comp Lounge Invite (Exp 2 Feb)

    If they are still on offer I would love them 😊
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    First post! Advice needed [QR or EK business? QFF award]

    Thank you all! Ive finally decided on my flights that I will purchase using the points. Went with a slightly odd itinerary but wanted to see both Europe and Japan. Melbourne - Madrid (EK -Economy) Vienna - Osaka (EK - Business) Tokyo - Perth (CX - Economy) Question I had was - -If I...
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    First post! Advice needed [QR or EK business? QFF award]

    Thankyou again! Super grateful. Also just out of interest I tried to search availability for Europe back to Perth for Jan 23 but the site keeps crashing or error message comes up. Is that because there's no availability?
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    First post! Advice needed [QR or EK business? QFF award]

    Thanks so much again everyone all the help is super useful! Looks like i have a lot more research to do. But looking at the availability I wont be able to get Business from MEL-DXB :( I might go with the below to maximise points. MEL-DXB-LIS with Qatar in Economy. Will pay this myself...
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    First post! Advice needed [QR or EK business? QFF award]

    Thanks for the replies, at the moment there's right availability. Comes in at about 163k per person for EK to Lisbon in economy and to Bali in Business on EK as well. About $950 pp in taxes.
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    First post! Advice needed [QR or EK business? QFF award]

    Hi All! Sorry first time poster here :) I'm looking to use the QF points I've built up to book flights for myself and partners honeymoon next Jan to Europe. We have enough for Business class one way and economy back. Question is what's better the Qatar or Emirates business class? Sorry this...
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    Hello :) - Rookie question

    Hi Everyone, Firstly thanks for clicking through and happy to know be apart of the community! I am a novice when it comes to frequent flyer points but looking to get in the game :) Basically I want to try and earn as many points possible for an upcoming trip I have planned to Europe next...