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    Overbooking on BA experince

    I experienced a similar situation last month on a BA flight from Newark to London but was happy with the outcome. No status on BA so couldn't allocate a seat in J for free until 24 hours before the flight. This was on an award booking for 2 passengers. For a few days before check in, I...
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    Etihad chauffeur

    Myrna- I was in the exact same situation as you- booked an AA ticket on Etihad almost 11 months ago for my nephew but only booked the chauffeur last month after the policy change. Received confirmation almost immediately and ticket stated that the chauffeur was booked. My nephew flew out last...
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    St George Amplify Signature Card 60,000 Qantas/Amplify points - Annual fee $279

    Hi Everyone Recently was approved and received the St George Amplify Signature card with $60k Qantas points subject to spend by 30 April. Can anyone advise if there is a minimum spend requirement i.e need to spend $500 to qualify - can't locate a $ amount anywhere in the literature St George...
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    Current 40,000 point QC offer

    Thanks Grrofunger for clarifying. Ok, so is there anybody that has joined who would like to send me a link. T&Cs stipulate I need to join by the 19 February, so have 2 days.
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    Current 40,000 point QC offer

    I have checked my email and don't have a refer a friend button. Strange. Do you have to join the Qantas Club before you generate the referral link?
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    Current 40,000 point QC offer

    Hi Everyone. I will be joining tonight if someone wants to send me a referral link. I also have a referral link to send to someone. Now, I am a bit confused. Not sure if I can do it both ways. But happy to do either one.
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    QF A380 to DFW; QF9/10 retiming

    Thanks - what a rip off!!! Can't believe it is more expensive to fly Qantas using Qantas points than Emirates.
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    QF A380 to DFW; QF9/10 retiming

    Great, love the new timings on QF9. Was very excited and called Qantas to change my flight MEL-ADL-DXB to MEL-DXB direct on QF9 and Qantas tells me that taxes have increased since I booked in March 2014 - originally paid $379 in taxes but now this has increased by $460 to a total of $839. I...
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    US Dividend Miles Buy/Gift Miles 100% bonus - Cheap way for F/J *A Awards

    John, think you might be in luck. There are 2 awards seats available in J TG/A3 SYD - ROM -ATH-SKG departing 4 June and plenty availablity for return July 8/12/13/15.
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    AA buy miles promo, 50% bonus, increased annual limit to 60k

    Totally agree the Australian Call centre is a nightmare to deal with. I have had an Eithad Award booking which has not been ticketed after 2 days. Spoke to the Aus call centre who advised that Etihad required further passenger information, ie Title Mr/Mrs/Ms, and Date of Birth before the...
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    AA buy miles promo, 50% bonus, increased annual limit to 60k

    Did you speak to an Agent in the US or the Australian call centre that diverts to Fiji? Maybe I need to call AA during their US business hours. Perhaps the agents working through the night are not as knowledgeable as the dayshift. Do you have status with AA? - the agent did tell me she could...
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    AA buy miles promo, 50% bonus, increased annual limit to 60k

    I have called numerous times and all agents have told me that they are unable to accept payment for taxes by a non-US credit card over the phone.
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    AA buy miles promo, 50% bonus, increased annual limit to 60k

    Hi All I have had no trouble using my Australian Credit Card to purchase miles, however when putting an award on hold then going back and trying to pay online my Australian credit card is not accepted. I had to pay $80 to get the award ticketed over the phone with the BNE call centre. Is...
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    September 2012

    Wondering if anyone could guest me in Syd F lounge 6 Sept. Arriving from Bangkok at 7.20 am then have a domestic connection to BNE from International terminal departing 10.30am. Would really appreciate the opportunity to check out the Flounge. Alternatively, I can also guest someone into...
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    US Dividend Miles Buy/Gift Miles 100% bonus - Cheap way for F/J *A Awards

    I have the same problem all the time - can view the booking then a week later I am unable to pull it from system. Leave it a week then try again - it's just a glitch. If you are worried, just call US and get them to manually accept the change. Also, look closely at your schedule change - I bet...
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    US Dividend Miles Buy/Gift Miles 100% bonus - Cheap way for F/J *A Awards

    Hi John Just returned from Greece last week on this deal. The way to do this First class is to fly SYD-BKK- FRA -SKG on THAI and Aegean. (FRA- SKG sector in Business as there is no First on this route) You will get access to the Royal Orchid SPA and receive a free 1 hour massage. On your...
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    Best way to get to Kos?

    I would take a QF flight to Frankfurt via Singapore and fly Agean to Kos via Athens. At least the longest leg of the flight would allow you access to the OneWorld Lounges. The only One World options I can think of is to fly FRA-MAD - MAD - ATH with Iberia or FRA-BUD-BUD ATH with Malev.
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    BA Terraces Lounge Athens

    Don't waste you time - in my opinion the lounge doesn't really rate - there are not even toilets inside the lounge (you have to use the public ones). I was there last year, walked in and then walked out. Personally, I would go over to the Sofitel and sit in the restaurant/bar. Much nicer...
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    QF Weighing Carry On

    My hand luggage was also weighed at Bne International back in July. There is a guy sitting at the top of the escalators before you go down through customs. My roller bag was over 7kg, so all I had to do was remove a few kilos and transfer it to another carrybag I had with me. Very strange -...
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    Move to ban stiletto heels at ancient Greek sites

    Very sensible idea - Every time I have climbed up to see the Acropolis, it never ceases to amaze me how many stupid women are wearing high heels. It's difficult to navigate in flat shoes let alone in heels, as part of the walkway is slippery and uneven. From a safety point of view, I would...