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    First Class to Business Class

    Hi All, This may be a weird question :) I've never flown J on SQ. I have tried their suits class on the older A380. Have experienced TPR in Changi and lounge in SYD. Have a trip coming up with the family (me,wife, 8 year old daughter) in J SYD-SIN-KUL-SIN-SYD. SIN-SYD is the new A380, and...
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    Passport Validity Question

    Hi All, Is my calculation correct? :) This is based on the 6 months rule passport validity to enter singapore and malaysia with an Australian passport. Passport expires 21 August 2019. Will depart Australia 26th December 2018, arrive Singapore 26th December 2018. Depart Singapore to go to...
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    Conrad Singapore Bed Question

    Hi All, I'm travelling with wife and 7 year old daughter. We are going to book 1 room at this hotel. Will be a Gold HH member and will book basic room which is the deluxe. Should I go for 1 King or 2 twin beds and join these together? The twin beds are 48" wide single beds according to conrad's...
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    Velocity Family Pooling

    Hi All, Me and my wife have a velocity account each. I have set up pooling where when she earn points and SC to transfer to me. My question is, if she transfers from her Credit Card points and convert them to her velocity account will it still pool to me? Thanks, K.
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    HH Gold Benefits when booking via AMEX website

    Hi All, If I book my stay via the amex website for a hilton property, will I get my gold elite benefits? I understand third party sites like expedia etc may not but will I via AMEX? Thanks, K.
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    Hi All, Is the above route using newest 77W? or do they also have the older 77W? Thanks, K.
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    Transfer to Krisflyer

    Hi All, Please let me know if I am calculating this correctly or not? I have a ANZ Black Rewards card. My aim is to transfer to Krisflyer. The rate is 1KF for 3 ANZ reward points. So for example if I want to transfer 75000 anz reward points to KF I will get 25000KF But the transfer rate...
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    SQ J class seats syd-sin-syd

    Hi all, For this route in J class if we can’t get on the a380 which aircraft is next best for J seats? The 773ER? Or 777-200? Does all 773ER for this route feature new J seats like new A380? Travelling with myself and wife and daughter. What type of J seats are they? Thanks, K.
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    Book the Cook

    Hi All, Need some opinions :) Flying suites 12pm flight from SYD-SIN. What BTC do you recommend? First time flying Suites. I can't have dairy food so the lobster is out :( I think that has butter. Choices are: Chicken rice, Roast duck with rice, veal mignon, grilled beef in peppercorn sauce...
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    ATO + Points

    Hi All, Anyone here have a list of Credit cards that will earn points with the ATO? Thanks, K.
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    Changi T2 SKL

    Hi All, Is the SKL lounge at T2 in changi anygood? Is the F side much better than the J side? Is it easy to roam from F to J internally? Cheers, K.
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    BPAY earning points

    Hi All, Do any of the citibank credit cards earn points when making payment via BPAY? I know it used to but not sure about now. I have the signature. Is it the same for the prestige? If none of these earn points using BPAY are there any that does? CBA Diamond? Thanks, K.
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    Hi All, If flying Suites for the following route do we get caviar ? SQ 232 : 12:15pm departure SYD-SIN SQ 221: 8:40pm departure SIN-SYD Thanks, K.
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    Mileage calculation

    Hi All, I am wanting to fly to KUL from SYD via SQ F. Now I need some help in the calculation: There are no F savers available for SYD-SIN-SYD. SIN-KUL-SIN only has Business as highest class. I am happy with a standard award booking for the F class, Business saver is available for the...
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    SQ first class

    Hi all, I need to go Syd-Kul return. I have miles that I need to use up and I have just a touch under 130000 sq miles. So will be doing first class. Doing it for the Xmas period. I can't seem to book first class online for this route as I don't think there is F for the kul sector. How do I...
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    What Should I do?

    Hi All, I am about to move my Westpac homeloan account over to CBA due to the better rates. Now I have over 200000 altitude points with the black card. Once I move over does Westpac give me some time to transfer or use those points? Or I may just transfer it now before I make the switch. If I...
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    Citi Signature Statements

    Hi All, Just a query, does anyone here have additional cardholders for the above card and internet banking access? If so, my question is: When the additional cardholder logs into their account using their own ID and password, can they view primary holders statements? (click on the right hand...
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    Redeeming miles - Stopover

    Hi All, Just have a question, if I want to book SYD-HKG-CGK-HKG-SYD, using miles, I believe a Y redemption will be 45000 asiamiles for the return trip but without stopovers. If I wasted to stop over either on the way out or in, any ideas how much extra it is ? And is it possible to stopover...
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    Etihad Gold - VA Lounge Access

    Hi All, Is there a website that shows what lounges EY Gold allows when flying VA? Andhow many guests allowed and children. Also do I need to put my EY member number on my VA booking or can it be VA member number and I just flash the EY gold card at the lounge dragons? Thanks, K.
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    Membership Rewards Ascent/Ascent Premium Query

    Hi All, I used to hold a Platinum charge card for a couple of years but since then I have cancelled. I kept the EDGE card active. I cancelled the Plat charge say 7 months ago. Now when I login to my account it's still saying Ascent Premium for the rewards program. I am not complaining, but just...