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    Domestic flights in Russia

    Work will see me having to venture to Russia a few times this yr.Looking for some help on the following if some of you have been recently: - How much time required pass through immigration and through to domestic flights? - how painful/easy is check in/ security for domestic flights and time...
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    Global Entry member trial for Australian Smart Gate's

    A trial period to allow US Global Entry members access to Australian smart gates Smartgate US Global Entry Program Trial Now where is the reciprocal access for Australian E passport holders?
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    AA and Jet Blue interline out of JFK & Boston

    AA & Jet Blue announce interline services on selected routes out of both JFK and Boston. This also includes earning mile on each of the respected FF programs on the selected services. American Airlines and JetBlue Airways Implement Their Commercial Agreement on Routes Into and Out of New York...
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    Southwest Airlines: Breakdown is now an act of God

    Southwest: Breakdown is now an act of God Interesting change in the term of carriage which not many people read. How long until other airlines follow in the footsteps of Southwest?
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    AA CRJ with F

    Has anyone been on any of AA's converted CRJ with F installed? The configuration looks like a 1-2 with 3 rows but wondering if they installed in seat power for them? I couldn't find any seat maps with the new configuration that might have this info.. Any other tips, ie best seats to pick?
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    New AC software

    So just a heads up for those wanting to do a fast dash in for a drink in the next few weeks, new software for all AC locations was introduced on thursday which I've been told will speed up entry for all travelling on a OW card but will take a little bit more time for those travelling on a QP...
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    AA First on single class aircraft

    Just looking at multi trip fares on the AA website, the fare base is F/26 for all the flights but one of the flights is on a E140 jet wich is a single class aircraft. Would F status credits stil be earnt even though the travel would be in Y?
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    TBIT Lounge access

    I'm going to have to get back home 2 days before my partner and was wondering If I leave her with a Comp lounge invite will this do the trick for the Tom bradley lounge? Its listed under Qantas Lounges on the QF website but I know it also services BA and CX and one of the conditions on the back...
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    It had to be today....

    I had to pick the QF12 service today over the QF108 and what do I get?? A nice diversion to Auckland. Probably the first time in a while where 108 will beat 12 into sydney. There goes the morning meetings with an eta into sydney of 1130 :(:(
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    LIttle O/T: Dinner near LAX

    Does anybody have some good suggestions for some good food places relatively near to LAX that we could duck out of the airport for? We will have around 3hrs spare incl travel to/from airport..
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    A brief trip to the States QF/AA

    So off for another trip to the states. This one is for two different clients as I had to condense two trips into one so it was a bit of a battle negotiating with both of their travel reps. And I know there are no pics to start with but I will put the camera on charge and get some shots for the...
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    xONEx Canada Problem

    Hi all. Have just gotten off the phone with AA rtw desk and have come across a problem I cant seem to figure out. I originally had a xONEx booking validated and priced but made a few date changes and had to get it repriced. Rang up today only to be told that the route is now invalid as on one...
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    Nearly around the world!

    I'll try this again. Seems the first try got lost in the internet somewhere! So I had a slow few days at the start of this month and decided to put together this trip report as it was a kind of interesting route with a few airlines. Some of the details are a little hazy as it was around this...
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    SYD-ADL-MEL-SYD in one day

    So my first post here on Frequentflyer. Thougth I'd start off with a little trip and then put some of the interesting ones on. Sorry no pics for this one. Should get into the habit of doing it next time! Saturday 9th Feb QF 81 SYD-ADL Dep 1105 Act 1135 Arr 1245 Act 1310 24G...