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  1. sostopher

    (Probably targeted) 50% extra Status Credits on QF flights - Book by 11 Jan, fly by 4th May

    Received the following email this morning: Links to here: Frequent Flyer - Member Specials - Bonus Status Credits offer Amusingly, the UTM has "Jul-2014" as the title, so they're potentially re-using old templates. Specific terms around the receipt of the email: Anyone else get this?
  2. sostopher

    Aeronautical Alchemy: How I turned Gold into Platinum - Status Run - Picture Heavy!

    Preamble, feel free to skip this I joined AFF this year on suggestion from my father who is a very active member here. I reached QFF PS and was a chunk of the way to SG due to a combination of a family holiday and flying to the USA for work. I did a ‘quick’ status run in March (HNL - SJU) to...
  3. sostopher

    Jetstar Birthday Sale - Free return on many fares

    So Jetstar are having their birthday sale and offering Free Return on many of their sectors between October and December, January - March. Details at Jetstar's site: You can add the "Starter Plus" bundle to the free flight to earn Qantas Status...
  4. sostopher


    Hello all, Figured I'd start out with a post here. I've lurked for a bit and want to get started with making the most of my flying and getting more involved in things like Status etc. Good to be here! Chris