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    Which lounge Singapore T1?

    Have a 4 hour transit in Singapore next week? I am QF gold, flying Finnair J. Should I use QF, BA or Marhaba lounge. I am looking for a peaceful spot with comfy chairs and maybe a G&T?
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    How early to arrive ADL airport 6.15am flight with international connection

    Hi all, it’s so long since I’ve been on a flight I have no idea how early to get to ADL airport. QF flight to Perth leaves at 6.15am. From there have international connections. I am hoping arriving 90 mins before (4.45am) will be adequate to check in and show paperwork. Flying J. Cannot check...
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    QF Lounge access flying into PER on CX J; out on QF Dom Y [Denied despite oneworld rules]

    My daughter has a reward J ticket from HKG to ADL with a transit in Perth. She has a J ticket with CX HKG-PER and then a QF Y ticket PER-ADL. Will she be able to access the domestic Perth Qantas Club if she shows her incoming CX J boarding pass?
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    16 hour daytime transit Tokyo Haneda - what to do?

    I have just booked a J reward from Europe to Aus for my 20 yo son for travel in July. He has a 16 hour transit in Tokyo. Flight in and out from HND. Any suggestions for how he might like to use this time? He arrives 5.25 am from LHR and departs 10pm to SYD. Bags will be checked through so no...
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    Incorrect status on QF boarding pass

    I dropped from WP to SG at the end of August and I have received my SG card in the mail. I have flown a couple of domestic flights over the last week and to my surprise Boarding passes still show my previous WP status. I also received an OpUp on one of these flights. Have I just been lucky or...
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    what has happened to e vouchers?

    I have logged onto accor website for the first time in several months hoping to get a couple of e vouchers with my points. In the past I was able to get vouchers for multiples of 2000 points which I could then use when I checkout at any accor property. I cannot see how to do this on the...
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    Requested international upgrade when PS, now plat - will QF acknowledge new status

    I have requested international upgrade MEL-LAX for flights in Dec for my family. When I requested upgrades my status was PS - I am now WP. Will the upgrade request acknowledge my new and better status or should I cancel and resubmit request. Feeling nervous because I keep reading about issues...
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    do 50% bonus status credits still apply if I change flight time

    I have booked a return Adl-Mel flight during a recent 50% bonus status credit promotion. The few extra status credits will get me the magical 700 tally for gold membership. If I change the time of my return flight will I lose the bonus credits on that sector (would leave me 5 points short .) I...
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    Finnair or Qatar J?

    Looking at booking J ticket to AMS from ADL in October. QR approx $6200pp with 1 stop in Doha - get to fly A350 which I have already experienced on DOH-FRA last year (was great). Slightly cheaper option($5800pp) is with Finnair - 2 stops (HKG and HEL) - ADL- HKG is codeshare with Cx and HKG -...
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    Great service From QFF service centre - well done Qantas

    I have just had a great experience with QFF by phone sorting out a problem that was too hard for Cathay and my travel agent, My 15yo son is flying solo from Adelaide to New Brunswick, Canada for a school exchange later this month. Finding flights with reasonable connections was a nightmare! It...
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    Get into Dubai lounge with single use Qantas club invitation?

    I have a couple of single use Qantas Club Lounge invitations. My brother and his wife are travelling on a QF ticket (Emirates metal) - will they be able to use these guest passes in Dubai as they have a 3 hour transit time.
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    Expired qántas club lounge invitations - throw away??

    I have just found some expired qántas club lounge invitations - shoud I hand these on to a friend/family member to try and use or should I discard them to save embarrassment if they are rejected?? All adults in house have QF gold status so no need for us to use them.
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    Qatar global Sale USD 2600 J DPS-FRA return

    I received an email about Qatar global sale(up to 25% off) for bookings over next 5 days. Unfortunately it excludes Aus departures but if you can get to Bali there are some pretty cheap J fares to Europe. Price to Frankfurt was about $2600 USD return (and you get to fly new A350 from Doha to...
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    BA Lounges Gatwick and kids.

    We have a flight out of Gatwick on BA next year. My husband and I are both QFF Gold. We have 3 older children. By the rules we can only guest 1 extra passenger each. Will the lounge dragons turn us away because of our 3rd child??
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    Bad experience with Qantas Cash and Paypal with USD transaction

    I recently loaded some $US onto my qantas cash card to pay for an apartment rental through a US booking agency. The invoice stated the transaction amount was $625 US. As I had $800 US in my qantas cash I clicked the websites secure booking link which was done via paypal. I entered the qantas...
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    Do you earn SC on platinum edge free flight?

    I booked my "free" flight with my Amex platinum edge card yesterday. The phone agent from Amex told me I would earn status credits for these flights. I never have in the past. Is she correct?
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    Can you upgrade QF saver international fare with points?

    I am looking at booking a SYD-NRT saver fare. As it a 10 hour night flight it would be great to try for a points upgrade. When I look at the Saver fare details on the booking page it states that red E deals are not able to be upgraded, but makes no mention of whether the saver fare can be...
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    Does classic award flight count as "eligible" QF flight to help gain status?

    I am flying a quite a few international flights CX J in the next 12 months. Status will go up to Gold except that I need my 4 eligible QF flights as well as status credits. If I book classic awards will these count as eligible qantas flights?? - or do I need to book ASA awards which seem to...
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    Is there a way of viewing seat map with sabre bookings?

    When I fly Qantas and associated airlines I like being able to see the seatmap on check my trip. I have some international bookings with virgin australia coming up and cannot find a seat map for my flights. Virtually there shows my seat allocation but I can't see where the empty seats are as...
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    Trouble getting status credits and ff points to post for air nz flight 2 months ago

    My family of 5 flew air nz to queenstown in April. Points and sc have posted to my husbands account but not for 3 kids and myself. Have sent details to retro rewards 3 times and just rung call centre. Unhelpful lady told me flight wasn't eligible. I insisted that class L is eligible and that...