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  1. Smart86

    QF Status Bonus vs Loyalty Bonus

    Hello everyone, I have been reviewing my QF SCs and I keep coming back to this bonus offered by Qantas: Earn more with the Status Bonus and this Our Loyalty Bonus As a QF Silver, am I supposed to be getting a status bonus on each flight? Or is it all part of the loyalty bonus with magic words...
  2. Smart86

    Buy the house with an Amex?

    Many years ago, I heard what I thought was an urban myth about someone who used their Amex to purchase a property. Apparently, they lined everything up with Amex and the banks first (which sounds like a wise thing to to). However, my question is whether it is possible to purchase a property...
  3. Smart86

    90SC short of Gold and one week to go

    Should I panic yet? After a significant number of short interstate flights, I am sitting at 610 SC and have about one week left until they revert to zero. I phoned QFF and asked nicely if I could get comped up to Gold but they "tisk tisk tisk" me and said it was hardly likely given it was ...
  4. Smart86

    Tuesday or Wednesday for SYD-DPS Booking?

    Hey everyone, I am a long time QFF and haven't flown VA for ages, so I don't know how the pricing fluxes during the week. I need to book a SYD-DPS flight this week- is there any day that is better (cheaper) than another? This will finally mean I get some Velocity points! Yay! Thanks! Max.
  5. Smart86

    Delayed in Denpasar.

    Our Jetstar (Denpasar- Melb) flight is delayed by around 5 hours, now departing at 4.30am. Annoying but I certainly understand that these things happen. We are traveling up the front of the plane, which I am hoping makes things a tad easier. I have a couple of questions- Will the lounge Jetstar...
  6. Smart86

    International upgrade request within 24h

    Hi all, I have just been sent my e-ticket for a QF international flight tomorrow and have requested an upgrade but have been told that it is within 24 hours before the flight departs and so an upgrade request cannot be processed. :( As a Gold QFF, are there any options available to get an...
  7. Smart86

    QFF points to upgrade on BA?

    My wife and I are probably going to take BA up on its Mastercard Free upgrade on one leg offer shortly. We were planning to use QFF points to upgrade the OTHER leg of the journey. Having read this on the one-world site: Can I use my frequent flyer points/miles to upgrade within oneworld? Some...