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    'Bi-polar' threat man shot dead

    Autodidact, perhaps? Force them to join a masonic lodge?
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    What's your job???

    Delusion: A fixed, false belief that is resistant to reason or factual disproof. Time for your pills Mr Shillard. btw did you mean Schlangekraft? Amelie
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    What's your job???

    Clearly your "mind control" doesn't seem to be working on me. LOL Amelie
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    What's your job???

    Double post Amelie
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    What's your job???

    So what happened? You got retrenched, or have you been forgetting to take your pills? Amelie
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    Missing F/F points for Qantas Holiday bookings - be warned

    but You may be a newbie svstrider, but there is only room for one precious princess on this forum, and that's Princess Shillard.
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    What's your definition of a Frequent Flyer?

    That seems to be a more logical approach - still excludes me (now WP) but I would say I was an infrequent flyer (thank heavens).
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    What's your definition of a Frequent Flyer?

    I don't agree. For some years I maintained SG with just one trip to Europe each year. I might have been a valuable flyer to QF but calling me a frequent flyer would do violence to the english language.
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    Famous people met/seen while flying.

    Maca44 said: but Maca 44 has also said: So are we to infer that Maca44 will ignore someone unless they are famous, which would be impolite? Sounds like a miniature cultural cringe. I think that this was the point that Gerri was trying to make. But then again, it might be the tiara. :lol: