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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    Some pics from the flight last night sourced from a friends fb page
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    I asked a friend in the know about the seats and this is what they sent me
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    VA A330s - New Business Class Rollout

    a birdie has told me the remaining a/c will be back with new seats on these approx dates - VH-XFH Monday, 17 August 2015 VH-XFG Tuesday, 25 August 2015 VH-??? Tuesday, 01 September 2015 VH-??? Monday, 19 October 2015 VH-??? Monday, 26 October 2015 VH-??? Saturday, 31 October 2015
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    Complimentary meal on flights over 3 hours

    Was on CNS-SYD last week and it was the normal retail offering as well as pies for purchase
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    New Lounge in CNS

    Asked ground staff yesterday in cns and was told that it opens this thurs 31st,
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    Refused J upgrade - onboard it was empty.

    Not sure why the OP was refused the upgrade, but as mentioned earlier, it could have been there were connecting J guests who didnt make it, maybe he left the request too late,( is it up to 40mins prior for an upgrade in the lounge?) or they had reduced the number of reward/comp seats...
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    Virgin Australia streaming IFE App available now on the app store Starts next week on VH YID with more aircraft to be rolled out shortly
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    Virgin Australia Website & Fare Structure Revamp

    Flexi fare food and beverage inclusions Breakfast – For flights departing between 0600 and 0930, Guests will be provided with an inclusive breakfast offering. This includes a muffin, Brookfarm Muesli bar, apple slices, 250ml Orange juice, UHT milk/sugar/...
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    Virgin Australia Website & Fare Structure Revamp

    re: Virgin Australia Website & Fare Structure Revamp change happened overnight and went live this morning. Guests previously booked on a BLUE SAVER or GO fare will be under the new SAVER fare. This is a pay as you go fare for f&b. Guests previously booked on a CORPORATE PLUS or FLEXIBLE fare...
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    New Lounges news and speculation

    Told today that MEL lounge is planned to be open for business Thu 19th May, and BNE sometime in july
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    Now You're Flying Virgin Australia

    As of this afternoon MEL security screening had a priority lane for VB business class, premium economy and Velocity Gold pax. There was a ground staff member at the entrance of the lane to ensure only those pax who were eligible could use the lane.
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    Mini TR: to Europe with VA

    Any persons travelling on VB with a connecting flight with Etihad is permitted 2 food items and 2 beverage items from the menu complimentary
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    Virgin Blue, seats and water issues.

    i think you'll find if you go helping yourself to items in the galley, esp opening compartments etc, the crew won't take too kindly to that !!
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    Virgin Blue, seats and water issues.

    i am guessing some feedback for VB is in order wonder if the water issue will change with the NEW VB coming soon
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    Virgin Blue, seats and water issues.

    i guess thats the personal prefernce of the crew. Next time you are in the aft galley, on theVB boeing 700/800's, have a look at the service panel behind the LHS toilet, there is a "potable water" gauge, advising how much potable water is left. The water for the toilet/hand basin and the water...
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    Virgin Blue, seats and water issues.

    you will find that on no VB aircraft is there " drinking fountains" such as jetstar may have. The crew are told offer water for purchase only. The water in the taps from the lavatories, is POTABLE and drinkable, and you are free to access that water. Also if you were seated in rows 13 or 14...
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    Credit for PE Rogue aircraft

    Am told as of 1 March, all Boeing 737 aircraft are now fitted with Premium Economy seating with rows 1 and 2 permanently fixed. Although most aircraft do have Recaro convertible tables fitted, some have been permanently fitted with bolster tables. As Premium Economy seating is now available...
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    Virgin Blue A330 J class, ATR and new uniform details

    I believe in order to get the FULL premium service, if you have been moved to rows 1 & 2, is if an actual full fare paying PE guest is sat next to you.
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    Virgin Blue embarks on brand overhaul

    flew over to perth today from sydney, tried the beef pie and later had vermicelli noodle salad. i can say although the pie was pricey ( for a pie), it was absolutley delicious, and I would definitely buy it again. (to be fair, try going to a pie shop these days and get a pie under at least $4)...
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    Virgin Blue A330 J class, ATR and new uniform details

    have been told 330 seats can be purchased from around mid march