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    Card Promotions Commonwealth Bank (Ultimate Awards Card) 100K award points – potentially fee free

    Airline transfer rates are in the awards guide.
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Re: General Qantas Delays/Cancellations/etc. Discussion I'm booked on QF11 today. Passengers could not be accommodated for on alternative flights as all other US-bound departures was fully booked. Everyone was given meal vouchers or told to go back to the lounges.
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    New April Bonus Points when purchasing.

    If you're needing an additional topup of AA points because you've reached your 80k annual limit, don't forget SPG are currently offering up to 25% off Starpoints. You can then transfer the Starpoints to AA at a conversion rate of 1:1. Also, if you transfer 20,000 Starpoints in one transaction...
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    Bank with Qantas Credit Union and Earn points

    Agree there is a massive points earning potential available here. But like all financial products, you should always consider shopping around for a better deal. For example, compare the Qantas Points Saver with the popular UBank USaver product. Assuming a starting balance of $50,000, interest...
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    10 credits short of Gold renewal with three days to go.

    Flights on JQ on Dec 31 can be quite reasonable, so long as you are willing to forgo your NYE celebrations. Eg MEL-ADL or MEL-LST return on Dec 31 for about $200 return (with bundle) will net you 20 SCs.
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    New change to JQ Plus Bundle fares

    Seems like the JQ plus bundles have now gone up in price, but now includes a $5 in-flight meal voucher.
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    $7.70 credit charge surcharge vs free POLi - whats your tipping point?

    For domestic fares, I work out the % of the booking fee in relation to the total fare. If it's anything more than 1-2% of the total fare then I pay with POLI/BPay/Direct Deposit otherwise i pay with CC. For international fares - I want the credit card travel insurance coverage so I usually pay...
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    Status Upgrade Gold to Plat

    I think the question in point here is whether the 12 month rolling period tallies up SCs based on travel date or by posting date. Theoretically, jjsyd's mother did enough flying to earn platinum but due to the delays in the SCs posting to her account the system did not upgrade her status. But...
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    Qantas Status Credit Question

    That may be the case for the 1st year if your anniversary occurs in the middle of your peak flying periods. But assuming you maintain a consistent flying pattern, then it doesn't really matter after this point. Using your example, it means you would accumulate some of your SCs early in...
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    Qantas Status Credit Question

    Yes you are, but expect others to comment back. Well said
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    I think the validation is just a name and number check. It prevents people from applying their QFF number for flights taken by other people. But yes would be nice for JQ to recognise status given they participate in the QFF loyalty program. Personally I'm still reeling they got rid of...
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    I wish my JQ points would post soon. Still waiting on some flights that were taken in May and have already submitted my QFF claim form. Yes sounds like they brought in some consultants to streamline their processes ;-)
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    Yes I was told that as well but I was keen to have it in my profile so that I can keep track of my flights (I have about 20+ bookings with QF and JQ combined). Actually - I've managed to complete the booking while still logged into My Jetstar, by un-checking "I am flying" radio button and then...
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    Just spoke to an Australian-based Jetstar contact centre team member. It appears as they are having problems with the frequent flyer database. I suspect it's a problem on the QF side, considering you mentioned other AFFers are experience problems with EK website etc. Workaround for now is to...
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    I have tried that. That message seems to indicate the name/number on the booking does not match the name/number on the QF account. But I have definitely checked that (i'm using my saved profile and have made dozens of bookings). This has only occurred after the QF website "upgrade" (aka...
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    JQ - unable to add QFF number during booking

    Anyone else getting the following error when booking a JQ flight (with bundle) and adding QFF number? [ValidationFailed] The QFF number, you have entered belongs to others. Please input valid QFF no
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    ANZ Visa/Amex- 10K QFF and no annual fee for the first year

    These are two separate campaigns judging by the fact that there are different source codes for the application. Before applying, you would have to ask whether you value 10k points at more than $95 which is 0.95 cents/point. If you plan on using your points for premium cabins then I'm sure...
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    ANZ Visa/Amex- 10K QFF and no annual fee for the first year

    I would assume this means an application for new credit, whether or not you are already an existing ANZ customer, or currently have or have had in the past another ANZ credit card. These types of sign-on bonuses usually excludes customers who "switch" or transfer their existing credit card over...
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    Hello there!

    Welcome aboard aerotravel!
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    Amex Discovery 7,500 QFF bonus

    You can get 8,000 QFF points on the Discovery card with a referral from an existing cardholder. Not a significant bonus, but if you would like a referral then please send me a PM. I believe the referral bonus on the Platinum Edge is 15k MR points instead of the current offer of 10k.