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    New Amex Ultimate Referral Links from June

    Hi, I just thought I'd start up a new referral link as many of the links in the previous thread have now expired. Please click here for my access my referral. As part of the offer you'll receive 110,000 Qantas FF points when you spend $3,000 within the first three months of membership (I'll...
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    Travelling from CBR to SIN today? I need your help (13 August)

    My wife is in Singapore and needs to fly out on Wednesday afternoon - but I have her passport and I'm in Canberra right now! I would be grateful if anyone flying out of CBR to SIN today could help us out. I' can drop the passport off to you and she'll come pick it up from you in Singapore from...
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    Velocity Amex Platinum referral offer is now 60,000 bonus points

    Just letting you know that the Velocity Amex referral links are now all for 60,000 bonus points (all the old ones claiming to be 100k will now redirect you to the 60k offer). That's not as nice as 100,000 anymore which seems to be ending, but still better than the 50k being offered through the...
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    Tax refund rorts

    Almost two months ago I got my tax refunds processed at Malpensa airport through Premier Tax free and Global Blue I provided all my receipts at the time and opted to have the money credited back to my 28 Degrees mastercard. For Global, the tax refund came through almost immediately. For...
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    Checking in additional baggage while in transit

    Has anyone had any experience checking in additional baggage while in transit? I'm flying from Europe through to Oz, and transiting in Singapore for about 12 hours and will be picking up some stuff while in transit. If I already have bags checked through from Europe, will I be able to add in...
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    Help with hotel bookings for public holidays

    Hi guys, I'm heading to Sydney during easter next year, from 25-27 March and I've found some of the prices to be extremely high for the period, or not available at all. What are people's experiences with booking at around easter? I'm not sure if I should just book or wait it out.
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    Shop small to return in November

    I just saw Amex Australia retweet EnergyAustralia confirming that shop small will be on from 1 - 30 November. "Last November, Shop Small encouraged people to get out and give small business...
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    Qantas putting up the white flag on its "65% line in the sand" strategy?

    I wonder if this is a signal that the market share war is ending and we'll see more increases in ticket prices. Read more: Virgin battle breaking Qantas' domestic strategy
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    VA - 15% off Domestic and International Reward Seats

    Airline Special Offers | Velocity Frequent Flyer 15% off Domestic and International Reward Seats*Book any marketed and operated Virgin Australia Reward Seat by 30 June 2013 and receive a 15% discount*. You can take advantage of this offer in any cabin class and the discount applies to any...
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    Promotions to USA in Aug/Sept?

    My partner and I are planning our first trip to the USA. Planning to be there in Aug/Sept. Most of the accommodation and flight promotions are for travel up to 31 March. Not sure if we should wait to see if flights and accommodation will get cheaper - can anyone advise when (or if) hotels and...
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    For all the important moments in your life - don't trust Qantas

    I know of people who have as a result of Alan Joyce and the board of Qantas's decision to ground all flights: Missed a family wedding - a friend of mine missed his sister's wedding in Brisbane (he was flying from Perth, and by the time he realised what was going on, flights on Jetstar and...