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  1. Denali

    New AirNZ Cabins

    Im curious about the Y Skynest but read you can only book 4hrs at a time. Screw that, I'll pay for the entire flight if I couldnt get J 🤣
  2. Denali

    Roomba, Dysons, Thermomix and other household appliances

    Main complaint about our office Bosch is its too quite so people dont know its working so open the door and get wet. Apparently the lights on the front door is for decoration only 🤣
  3. Denali

    Headphones - time for a new pair

    Hi and the Bose headphones I currently have (QC15) were bought at least 10yrs ago (used points, better than getting a toaster), and I've replaced the ear pieces a couple of times and now the piece over the head is fraying and looks like I have black dandruff so time for a new pair and I'm...
  4. Denali

    What cheeses me off

    I think it was Launceston 1997 for me and they used a small tractor to pull the cart over But still better than Yap were they used a wooden cart and ox :D
  5. Denali

    Gifts for cabin crew

    Last Thurs was our 1st flight since March 2020 and we gave Lindt and Favourites boxes to check in staff, lounge and gate agents and flight crew. All were thrilled and pilots each came out to say thank you and FAs seemed excited by the gesture. .We're glad to be back and glad they're back.
  6. Denali

    What cheeses me off

    Why do people sing Happy Birthday at the pace of an elderly person with a walking frame trying to get to the digestives in Coles while having a stroke on the way? It makes is so freaking awkward and painful to listen to. Can we all agree that when singing Happy Birthday that we keep it snappy...
  7. Denali

    What I ate today - the food thread

    Looks amazing!
  8. Denali

    English Paper Currency Being Withdrawn

    I remember arriving in (I think) 2019 with old notes (£10?) that I couldnt change and I got these only months earlier from a airport currency exchange shopfront so dont get caught like I did
  9. Denali

    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    Not yet, only got home yesterday about 1.30pm and we stayed hungry until dinner time and ordered pizza
  10. Denali

    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    I think this is my first 'This is not good' review Darwin to Sydney. No ice on board, wasn't allowed to have a can and had to wait for drink to be poured, water was warm. Breakfast was some burnt frittata disc (only 2 on the flight) with a splash of bbq sauce to overwhelm any flavour or a 3rd...
  11. Denali

    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Darwin lounge still closed and seems to now be the airline flight crew lounge as only flight crews going in and out by way of their ID pass
  12. Denali

    The view from my "office"

    My last Darwin sunset on our first flights/trip since early March 2020. Work conference/celebration.
  13. Denali

    What's your Uber experience?

    Had a uber Tues night in Darwin and I had to tell him to stop texting (looking for next job?) or pull over to complete his texting.
  14. Denali

    What cheeses me off

    I just made a comment on the chat thread but this couple at my hotel only a few moments ago Get a single large bag and stop looking like you were evacuated from home in the middle of the night.
  15. Denali

    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    As per above post, tangerine chicken with rice or a cheese tortellini with a creamy basil sauce for Syd to Darwin VA1353. Chicken was a basic stir-fry and good. Although it doesn't look like it, the cheese tortellini was also good but my complaint is no bread roll for the excess sauce. I'm...
  16. Denali

    Why masks in airports?

    Sydney VA this morning and Im guessing 85-90% masks. I will be wearing ours on the plane as much as possible but we're row 1 so lots of people walking past me for boarding. Our driver picked us up this morning and told us she was unwell (chest infection/on antibiotics) and wearing a mask so...
  17. Denali

    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Sydney lounge and we've been told they ran out of eggs and "we should have been here sooner" 🤣 Maybe they should have arranged more eggs but theres bacon so all good.
  18. Denali

    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Driving to Sydney domestic and will be there approx 9.40am so if anyone needs an invite into the lounge let me know. DH is plat and I'm gold so I think thats 3 people we can guest
  19. Denali

    No seat allocation when booked through a partner

    I vaguely remember when I did VA redemption flights I would phone VA and ask for the partner airline PNR and then phone the partner airline with that info to select my seat but that was at least 3yrs ago and its all very vague. So maybe Air Canada can give your the VA PNR? Hopefully someone...
  20. Denali

    Liquid restrictions on Domestic flight?

    I tried to look it up but info was 100mls in a ziplock bag but thats international.