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    Overseas airports - where have you been?

    SYD BME MEL HK new and old SIN BKK Rome Heathrow Dubai Cairo and the one near dahab Paris (CDG and ORY) Abu Simbel (Egypt) Luton Gatwick stanstead Nairobi Jo'Burg Capetwon Colombo Guilin (China) Shenzen (China)
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    Nominate your favourite airport and why...

    If you mentioned HK I reckon the Old Aiport in Kowloon City was great as well, mainly of the location and the way the planes landed.....drove pasted it 1 month ago...only a golfing range. Paris is great too...Architecture Egypt was the worst dirty dirty dirty Dubai is the best, I...
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    Best Star Alliance Program

    From memory United Airline Card does the trick. I used it when I was pflying on Emirates. Emirates are not affiliated with any one....... On the UA card you can get points for heaps of non affiliated airlines..... Most prob majority of airlines flying into the US and connect on UA...
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    How many Airlines you have flown?

    Geez you guys are all frequent travellers !!!!!!!!!! Im on junior traveller but here it goes + Ive added some comments to keep the subject alive TAA Compass 1 and 2 Qantas (If BA has % in QF, why the standard so different - Uniform is ave, comfort factor was ok) Qantas Link Impluse...