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    Should I get a paid Travel insurance policy?

    Years ago I rang our CC provider’s insurance cover ... I think it was Zurich ( Westpac M’ card) anyway the rep told me that their insurance only covered a single collision between the card holders car and another car or property ... not, for example, a multi car pile up. However to read the...
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    Clothing and footwear in snowy and icy regions

    We are travelling to Norway in late October and have been advised by a tour operator there that our silk long Johns which we wore in Antarctica are insufficient and that we really need woollen long Johns. Some of the chain- type stores that stick hiking gear didn’t have what we wanted so on a...
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    Points Count [How many do you have?]

    I’ve tried to use our points for upgrades ...QF may as well have an auto reply that says “ not a snowball’s chance in hell”. Want to use points + pay? The most rediculous amount of points are required such as SYDNEY return to the Gold Coast in cattle class !! I don’t want anything from their...
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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Thanks everyone for your advice and assistance ... I may end up going Economy (sigh) and save my points for domestic flights.
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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Most of our QF points are through our Westpac Mastercard ... all are moved over to QF rather than being kept with the CC account.
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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Thanks Mike. Unfortunately no status - we only do one big trip a year and an occasional domestic flight. We thought we may be able to use our points to upgrade from PE to Business for our flight to London but they don't want our points, just our $. When I have points that will pay for Y...
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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Thanks for that, I will have to wait a week to see what's available but I doubt I'll be able to get a FF point "reward" seat in Premium Economy or Bus o QF ... they have cheap economy seats available but I find them too uncomfortable for a longer flight. What don't you like about BA ? Food ...
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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Hi I want to use my QF points for a one flight, Singapore to Sydney in early December 2019. I have enough for business class but just looking at availability of seats, it seems that on all QF flights out of Singapore at the end of November 2019, only Economy is available. I did see a BA...
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    Are free upgrades a thing of the past?

    Hmmm... interesting thread. I tried to upgrade from PE to Bus on QF1 in July but no dice. I got chatting to a solo flyer in the line at the gate who told me when she rang QF to ask about an upgrade ) PE to Bus) she was told it would cost her $9k ... 2 months earlier she paid $4.5k for her...
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    Not impressed with BankWest

    Wow - have to pay off fraudulent transactions ? Unless Westpac has changed their procedure since 2015, we didn't have to pay a cent and once we filled in the Stat Dec (?) and sent it off to the fraud department, all the disputed charges were removed from the CC. We had no idea we had been...
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    Musing about cruise loyalty programs vs airline and hotel programs

    Lots of interesting info here about various lines. Our loyalty points and benefits are with Princess tho' we did cruise a few times with P&O in between but not now. We enjoy the perks of Elite status but they vary in different regions. Eg on the "Sun" class ships (Sun / Sea Princess), there...
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    As a kid, I dreamed of flying this as the ultimate indulgence

    My ultimate flight would be a child free / drunk free / obnoxious person free / non smelly neighbour free flight ... anywhere would be fine. ... oh an no reclining seats so I can see the passengers dandruff in my lap ...
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    Qantas club membership

    Hmmm - I'll have to check Westpac to see if they have the same deal !! I hope so ... I'd liked to breathe a bit of rarefied air once in a while
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    When DYKWIA becomes the full <airline> tanty

    I recall several years ago catching a flight from Sydney to Heathrow - can't recall which airline. Anyway at the gate, along comes two women being pushed in wheelchairs by their husbands ... naturally fitting into the first to board category. So off they go, board the flight ahead of everyone...
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    Cheap Short cruises for relaxing

    Anna - I'm sure you already know this but for those who don't, the loyalty bonuses kick in after 5 cruises or 50 sea days (with Princess) - whichever comes first. Other cruise lines have loyalty bonuses too but they may not be as good as the Princess system, eg we have friends who have over...
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    My New Years Aviation Dreams & Goals

    Yes please !!!
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    Bad seat choice!!

    I agree that sitting next to someone who is overweight does cause discomfort for those sitting next to them. However as far as I know, it's illegal to discriminate against people based on their looks and a world of other issues - unless of course it's a requirement for a job etc. I also...
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    Nuts on board - a serious issue!

    I think the problem lies with the word "allergy" and people's interpretation of what an "allergy" is. I suspect that most people think that having an "allergy" to something could result in a rash or swelling but not necessarily death. For example, I have an allergy to the furry underside...
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    Lost in Venice with a taste of Turkish Delight and Souvlaki

    Thanks so much for posting a really informative and wonderful trip report.
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    Lost in Venice with a taste of Turkish Delight and Souvlaki

    You hit the jackpot with your hotels ... well done !