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    Using QF FF points Singapore to Sydney

    Hi I want to use my QF points for a one flight, Singapore to Sydney in early December 2019. I have enough for business class but just looking at availability of seats, it seems that on all QF flights out of Singapore at the end of November 2019, only Economy is available. I did see a BA...
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    Sale fares to the US ... any comments please ?

    Hi I know there are a couple of sale fares on offer for Qantas, Virgin and Delta to the US that expire on 25th July, but was wondering if I can do better and if I should wait a month or two? What I've been looking at is a Premium Economy fare for two people from SYD to LAX on Qantas which...
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    Using Classic rewards to get from Sydney to Copenhagen via Frankfurt

    Is it possible to use my QFF points to "buy" a seat from Sydney to Copenhagen via Frankfurt using the classic rewards? I know I can book and pay $$ for a flight from Sydney Copenhagen via Frankfurt, changing to Scandinavian Air in Frankfurt, with a short stop in Singapore but this routing...
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    Looking for a good fare for a OW flight to Singapore, April 2012

    I have been looking for a one way flight to Singapore in April 2012 however all the fares seem to start around the $800+ range for cattle class. I'd really prefer a direct flight landing in Singapore in mid to late afternoon. However I've noticed that lots of flights depart at various times...
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    Return flights to South America from Sydney

    Hi I'm planning a trip to South America in late December / early January 2011 and plan to be away at least a month. I want to fly into Buenos Aires, tho' I don't mind if I stop over at Santiago as I can go to other sites on the west coast of the continent from there. Does anyone have any...
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    QFF Transfer Problem - Where are my points?

    I think all banks are as bad as each other - just what level of customer service do they think they are providing when they have trained monkeys reading from a screen??? At least Citibank customers don't have to listen to the recorded message from Westpac that goes on and on and on about some...