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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Not so sure about that. It wouldn't have hurt VA at all to offer prepackaged sandwiches, cheese board or even at least a savoury packaged option in business. Also if VA weren't so stingy they'd provide their economy pax with bottled water or sealed cups instead of FA's wearing no PPE pouring...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    If this continues to pass as a meal service on VA business then I don't think many freshly minted QR plats will be staying.. Served this afternoon BNE to SYD
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    VA COVID Service

    As others have said in economy it's water poured into a cup. FA's serving drinks have not worn masks both times I've flown. Although a small risk- I'm a little uncomfortable that VA would risk infecting so many passengers in the off chance the FA serving the water were infected themselves...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Lounge check in was fine. They had someone downstairs checking boarding passes first and then the proper checkin upstairs. I watched one of the Sydney Real Housewives get turned away so that was my bit of entertainment. Business lounge was fine- they had an attendant handing out yoghurt...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    It may as well have been an international flight. We all lined up at "passport control" with our declarations and Id's and waited to be allowed into QLD. Here's hoping they simply haven't updated the page yet..
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Not sure if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread.. I just completed my first QF domestic flight (SYD to OOL) crediting to QR since the status match and happy to report that I earned 5 Q points and 105 Qmiles on a cheap red e deal fare. Flight was on Saturday and transaction posted...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Even though I know tongue is firmly in cheek how would QR platinums ever get access to QF first lounge when flying on JQ?
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I applied on the 18th and received a response on the 28th saying my request is being reviewed. I called Qatar Airways yesterday to see if there was any other update and was told they could see my request for a status match and that I'm showing as "pending platinum". I was advised that my...
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    anyone at VA listening ? Anyone at all ?

    I feel the OP's pain.. 1) I have a friend that works as a BDM for virgin and morale has been low for years and only plummeting further. People that resign or transfer out are usually not replaced so it increases the workload of remaining staff considerably. I also have friends that work for...
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    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    I fly this route about 6 times a year in business and gutted it has been canned. I felt its business hard and soft product was one of the best in the sky. Only flew economy twice and while the hard product was very good I thought the catering was a letdown. I mean not serving a small salad...
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    Cobalt insolvency- EY e-ticket

    After speaking with the Abu Dhabi call centre they’ve offered an alternate routing via Cairo on the outbound and Athens for the return at no additional charge for the same dates. Timing isn’t fantastic but at this point they’re travelling so that’s all we can ask for.
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    Cobalt insolvency- EY e-ticket

    I booked some return flights from LCA to SYD for family on the Etihad website with the outbound leg departing in a few days time. The LCA to AUH leg is with Cobalt Air and AUH to SYD is with Etihad and both sectors are on the same EY E-ticket. I read that Cobalt went bust a few days ago and...
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    VA irrops due to Sydney weather- shabby treatment

    I have never been charged a rebooking fee by Qantas under such circumstances. For me the main gripe is that VA cancelled all flights due to 'weather' from 7:30pm on Sunday night yet all Qantas services from 7:45pm onwards operated. At what point does it become an operational issue with VA than a...
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    VA irrops due to Sydney weather- shabby treatment

    They said that the weather was outside of their control and as such were not required to provide accommodation. I even asked if they had info on which hotels in the airport precinct had availability and they replied "I can tell you what hotels there are but you will need to check yourself as...
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    VA irrops due to Sydney weather- shabby treatment

    Couldn't find another thread on this but VA delayed and then cancelled a number of flights ex-Mel on Sunday night due to weather in Sydney: My issues with how VA handled it: 1) No email / text advising of adverse weather potentially affecting operations (we received one ex Sydney for Fog 2 days...
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    NAB Velocity Card- Enhancement

    Just received my cc statement today and there was a notice stating that as of 1 May 2015 NAB is cutting the monthly reward point limit from $100K spend each month to $20K on the NAB Velocity Card. ATO transactions will also be ineligible for points from this date. I have the premium card and...
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    Pancake Machine

    STC Café in Surry Hills (linked to the Wyndham Sydney) also has one.
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    Anyone have lounge access experience (as family) flying VS as VA Plat?

    Travelled with VS last year as a velocity gold and the HK lounge staff strictly enforced counting a child as a guest. Granted this child was 15 so YMMV. Was also travelling with another Velocity gold member who had their review period 2 weeks before travel and hadn't received their new card...
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    Velocity points balance not in sync with balance shown on Virgin Australia site

    Out of interest on your fathers account (VA website) what date is showing under "Balance as of..."? I had a similar issue (and waited for 2 weeks for IT to fix to no avail) and realised that the VA website only shows your balance as at the last date "recognised" activity occured on the account...