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    KrisFlyer Call centre is beyond terrible

    If I ever have to talk to the Singapore Krisflyer call centre again i will throw up!! Every call is an arduous process that takes an hour minimum of you repeating yourself adnausuem until you eventually by sheer luck have them indicate they understand...only to prove themselves wrong and tell...
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    Travel Insurance for expensive jewellery?

    Anyone know of any companies that cover expensive jewellery? If your engagement ring for example is worth around $20k do you have to leave it at home and insure it under contents, or is there someone who will cover for travel? Im amazed from what I can see so far most only seem to cover up to...
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    Flying in Europe

    So we are headed to Europe in a few months time for a holiday and am trying to work out how best to get around. Flying in Europe really seems like a cross between Tigerair and a horse and cart! From what I can see even business class use the exact same seats as economy, and the food in business...
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    Agro in the sky

    Saw something interesting last night. Everyone was lined up somewhat in an orderly fashion waiting for boarding to commence. Then just as boarding started a guy standing off to the side near the service counter came bolting across from the side to the shock of everyone and cuts the line to be...
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    First and business travel as a family

    If you have a small family travelling on a mixture of first class and business class fares will the kids with business be able to join the parent in the first class lounge, or will everyone be split, or relegated to business? Cheers.
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    Fair to be paying for an overweight passenger?

    I agree. The cost to supply muffin or a pie compared to the coughpy muesli bar would be negligible and the additional cost could easily be passed on to the customer. Since when did anyone buy a VA flight over a QA flight because it was $3 cheaper.. What they should really do is charge customer...
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    Lounge Confusion

    So we have some Virgin business class fares booked Melbourne-Auckland-Rarotonga. Any ideas on if we have to use the Virgin lounge in Melb, or can we use the Air NZ international one? What about in Auckland? And for bonus points does Rarotonga even have a lounge? Thanks all in advance
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    Understanding Points earn

    This is partly a test to see who can answer my question the quickest-AFF or the platinum service department who have already had 24 hours....I wager $50 on AFF... So reviewing my account the other day and I noticed different points earn for the same flight-on one occasion a Freedom fare Perth...
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    Status credits after reaching new tier

    So I recently hit well over 1,000 credits, 1,100 to be exact. However when my account eventually updated to show platinum those 100 credits over 1,000 disappeared, showing that I still need the full 800 additional credits to requalify. This cant be right surely? Shouldn't it show I have earned...
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    I flew Qantas

    I flew Qantas.....and was terribly disappointed. Snacks (cheese and rice were just as coughpy as Virgins, no IFE, slow boarding and un boarding....really felt like the Q was the LCC. Back to Virgin I go.
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    Whats the point of Platinum?

    I know this has been touched on before but I'm struggling to see the real benefit of striving for platinum. Besides row 3 (nice but not a huge win) I cant really see the point? Sure you get the 4 upgrades but they are from flexis, so if for example me and the better half were to use them for a...
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    Virgin bookings make no sense

    So was looking at flights Melb to Raratonga the other day. When looking from Melbourne there is only one listed and it goes Melb-Brisbane-Auckland-Raratonga But if I search for flights from Sydney to Raratonga on exactly the same day I get Sydney-Melbourne-Auckland-Raratonga Huh????? Why...
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    Velocity Points a scam? [How to Optimise award search]

    As someone who has close to 1 million points earned I am really starting to form the opinion that the whole thing is a scam. Unless I want to waste time every day trying to win the lottery of a business reward seat to L.A or Heathrow the alternative is to spend 1.3 MILLION points for just 1...
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    Customer relations

    How long do you think is acceptable to hear a response to a customer complaint? A number of weeks back I experienced a very distressing incident that I won't detail pending a response from Virgin. The thing is I submitted my feedback on the 30th and still have not had a response. As a Gold...
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    My grumble

    Been on the phone with the call centre for 40 mins so far just to make a credit card payment for an existing booking....unbelievable! And still waiting... Virgin your Phillipines call centre is disgraceful!!
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    Singapore Airlines Taxes?

    Hi all, Im a little confused re the taxes payable when booking a SIA J flight through the Virgin website. AFF and point Hacks both seem to indicate the taxes are cheaper when booking through the Virgin website ($78) but when looking just now the Virgin website is showing 175,000 points and $386...
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    2 Adults 1 child Melbourne to coughet July 2015

    Hi, Im wanting to book some flights from Melbourne to coughet. Departure date is flexible +/- 4 days but ideally around the 22nd of July 2015, return date sometime after the 1st of August. I have 300,000 velocity points (will soon be 350,000 with a Amex offer) but not sure if they would be best...
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    Business Opportunity

    Just thinking-I like many just don't have the time to spend hours trawling through these threads and trying to work out how everything works, what the pros and cons and pitfalls are and how to best use and purchase points for travel. On the other hand there are obviously members who know...
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    Melbourne to coughet??

    Hi guys, really need some help as Im goign crazy!! Trying to book a flight to coughet July next year, ideally business class and I just cant work out what to do. Im a Velocity member with 300,000 points and would prefer to fly Virgin but as they only operate 737s there they are ruled out...