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    Double dipping in HKG for CX and Qantas Business lounges?

    While you can access all the lounges the Pier is where you want to spend all your times it's amazing!
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    Air NZ to Open Lounge at Perth International Airport

    From Perth Airport - Passengers building applications Airside Projects T1 Air New Zealand Passenger Lounge including interior fit-out, 5 star passenger lounge, toilets, showers, office, kitchen and buffet 18/01/2017 Terminal 1 12K In Progress
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    45 mintues transit at Singapore Changi

    Thanks for the help, I called Qantas who said the min connection is 55 minutes, so I'm now flying via Brisbane with 1.5 hours stop over. Now on an overnight flight. What do you think my chances are of an upgrade request as a bronze? not a fan of overnight flights in Y!!! I'll be annoyed if...
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    45 mintues transit at Singapore Changi

    Hi i'm flying through Changi Singapore Airport in May through terminal one and my flight has changed to including only 45 minute to transit between flights. This seems like a pretty tight connection, should i be concerned about missing my flight to Perth? If I miss my connection as its all...
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    Best seat CX vs EK J class

    Thanks for the replies, my concern with the EK seat is the seat looks fairly narrow compared to the CX seat. Also as said previously the taxes/fees on EK were about $300 more than CX
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    Best seat CX vs EK J class

    I'm planning to travel to New York City next year using a J award flight and I have the option of EK (A380) via Dubai or CX (A330/777) via Hong Kong. The seat/bed is the most important factor on this route for me. I have flown CX J to NYC before and was impressed with the seat, but was...
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    New York city airports

    I return from NYC earlier in the month and used Newark and JFK and the travel time was about the same to Midtown.
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    Credit Card Charge Verifiation Form

    Next year I will be flying Korean Air between Beijing and Tokyo. I have booked a flight with Korean Airlines online. As part of booking online you must produce the credit card used to make the purchase when checking in. I'm planning to cancel the credit card i used prior to this flight and...
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    Qantas Lounge Perth International Airport

    I can confirm Qantas lounge is still open, an CX business has access
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    Qantas Lounge Perth International Airport

    Hi I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow on CX on a Qantas reward and have noticed on the CX website the Qantas lounge Perth International is no longer listed under Australian lounges and I have also noticed on the Qantas website the link to the Perth lounge is not working, does any one know if the...
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    Commonwealth Platinum Awards - 40k Qantas Points. $10 fee.

    submitted application 2 weeks ago, "Decision pending", have uploaded payslips 4 times and still "decision pending"......
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    St George Amplify Signature Card 60,000 Qantas/Amplify points - Annual fee $279

    Hi I have also had some issues, been more than 3 months still no points, I phone them up and they said they would get back to me within 5 business days. I have had a couple of missed calls today which i guess was from them but no message left. Hopefully it will be sorted soon, its the only...
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    Having a look at the transcon meal a few pages back have Qantas done away with serving nuts from a packet? looks like the nuts are in a small cardboard bowl
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    What does Singapore Airlines know that QF doesn't?

    Ex Perth on CX you pay approx double for Premium Economy, I managed an upgrade last year Perth - Hong Kong for $200 as part of the upgrade bid trial. I recently flew Premium Economy Auckland - Perth on Air NZ dream liner where I paid for the fare outright. I got the ticket during a sale for...
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    Canceling a domestic upgrade

    Thanks for the help, the call center sorted it out no problems, and yes Richard would be disappointing if it was changed to one of the refurbished planes!!!!
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    Canceling a domestic upgrade

    I'm traveling from Perth to Sydney on the 20th of January 2015 and had an upgrade confirmed in October 2014. I recently decided against using the points for this upgrade (ex Jetstar A330) and canceled the upgrade a couple of weeks ago. When I go into manage my booking the upgrade status is...