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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    after adding up all those costs from wiki here, what I was charged seem to be excessive .....
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    Hi, can someone please advise if I have been charged correctly for the taxes on a RTW business redemption. I did a redemption via the phone because I got a "5685 UI" error message when I tried to do it online. the route that I redeemed as per below:- London (Heathrow) to Tokyo (Narita) on...
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    Can i get my connecting flight boarding pass with different PNR ticket?

    Thanks albatross710. i just hope there is no delay arriving into FRA to catch my connecting flight to LHR especially during winter with the unpredictable snow condition.
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    Can i get my connecting flight boarding pass with different PNR ticket?

    Can someone give me advice on this I will be flying JFK-FRA on SQ and thenconnecting to LHR on Lufthansa Both of these 2 flights are on differentPNRs. Do you think I can check through my bagsat JFK till LHR when I check in at JFK airport for my SQ flight to FRA and alsoat the same time receive...
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    190K krisflyer miles for star alliance business class RTW redemption

    just want to share this. I recently redeemed a star alliance business class ticket using only 190K krisflyer miles departing Dec 16 and returning Jan 17 on the following route :- SYD-YVR-YYZ-LHR-SIN-SYD basically it's treated as a Syd-Lhr redemption on star alliance award flying AC with...
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    Can't redeem Krisflyer miles for Asiana flight?

    just to let u know that asiana has blocked out any redemption for peak season travelling from other airline partner FF if u are an asiana FF member, you can claim for flight during "peak period" but will have to use an additional of 50% amount of required point for the redemption. below are...