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  1. notsure

    QF "does a Nigel"

    Hubby & I had 2 of our 4 bags tagged on Wednesday's QF422, which was fair enough - however once we were on the plane we switched one of our tagged bags for one of the untagged (ie we still had 2 up & 2 down just not in the combination they were tagged for), and nothing was said about it - nor...
  2. notsure

    australia arrvial tax - some help please

    Indeed, I did just this on Sunday - arriving from OSL 23.5 hours before flying out on QF10 :)
  3. notsure

    Int to Dom Connection - Luggage Q's - Checked & Carry-on

    Thanks for the information ozbeachbabe, Having repacked & weighed the bags, we will definitely be under the 100kg mark so those won't be an issue - am a little worried about the weight of 1 of my carry-ons but I'm going to tackle that one tomorrow - so all should be good. My 2 cats are now...
  4. notsure

    Int to Dom Connection - Luggage Q's - Checked & Carry-on

    My husband and I are due to fly LHR-MEL-SYD next week, and checking the QF page regarding Carry-On Allowance, I note that while the international segment will allow me to take 2 bags at 115cm total dimensions, the domestic allowance is for either 2 bags at 105cm total dimensions or 1 bag at...
  5. notsure

    Qantas changes pets policy - now freight.

    Re: Travelling with small pets on the golden triangle If only I could say the same - my two cats fly out of Oslo on Monday (we're taking them down there by train tommorow) - and should arrive in Sydney on Wednesday morning....that is going to be the longest 32 hours of my life (they are flying...
  6. notsure

    Seat Pocket Surprise

    The problem with your thinking, is that you are expecting everyone to behave in a manner that is consistent to how you were bought up. Living in Norway, with a Norwegian husband, I often get annoyed because he (and others but I'm too polite to tell them about it), doesn't always say please &...
  7. notsure

    Flying oneworld around Europe - worth it?

    Personally I'd just book on price & convienience, and definitely look at trains - with the whole security rigmarole plus getting too/from airports, the trains can often be cheaper, more convienient and depending where you are going too, can be a great way to see the scenery. My only other...
  8. notsure

    Feels Like Home

    I too was reminded of the Telstra ad (or was it still Telecom back then) from years ago.... As a current expat, I actually loved this ad, and found it very emotive - but realistically this has everything to do with the fact that I'm moving back to Australia next month after not having been home...
  9. notsure

    MMB down at the moment?

    Appears to be working again - was able to access the page just now (after a few hours of it timing out).
  10. notsure

    2015 Gallipoli Ballot - 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings

    I'm in the low 3000's - circumstances have changed since I applied however, and I doubt we'll have the funding for that sort of trip so soon after making the move from Norway to Australia, so likely I will have to pass if by chance my number came up. One thing I've noticed looking at the...
  11. notsure

    The Ebola Virus

    A Spanish nurse has contracted Ebola after caring for 2 Spanish missionaries that were evacuated back to Madrid for treatment. She is the first person to have contracted the disease outside of West Africa (at least during the current outbreak). BBC News - Ebola outbreak: Spain investigates...
  12. notsure

    More "enhancements" to QF Chauffer Drive and Dubai Connect

    Noticed just now that the Chauffeur Drive button is back on my MMB page, and unlike in when I posted in August (post #18), I again have the option to add additional transfers to LHR/from SYD (although I don't actually need them which is why I never booked them in the first place).
  13. notsure

    Did TAA & Ansett ever code-share out of Darwin?

    I have vauge memories of turning up at the airport in Darwin more than once with a TAA ticket and flying out on Ansett metal. For some reason I seem to recall that the two airlines used to take it in turns on which metal would be used, and everyone just got on the one plane regardless of...
  14. notsure

    Qantas are trying to tempt me with an amazing hotel offer...

    You should have taken the deal when you first got it - clicking the link in the OP - the price has now gone up.
  15. notsure

    Would you rather: QF PE on 747 or Y on A380

    Based on this thread What the best seat(s) to choose in First class on A380? I booked 2A/3A for hubby & I for our QF10 flight in Dec (and yesterday I noticed another passenger has selected 4A with the rest of the cabin wide open at this stage). It seems that if you avoid rows 1 & 5 (although...
  16. notsure

    New Look QF MMB

    They do realise that this change now makes it impossible for anyone connecting from QF1/2/9/10 to *anywhere* to checkin online since those flights are 22-23 hours and online check-in closes 2 hours before hand...and that's before you add in the MCT required to actually make the connection....
  17. notsure

    What the best seat(s) to choose in First class on A380?

    I decided that it was my turn to "take one for the team" and have chosen 2A/3A for hubby & I - just to ensure no other AFFers are faced with the prospect of sitting in such "awful seats" mind. :mrgreen:
  18. notsure

    New Look QF MMB

    My OSL-LHR-MEL-SYD booking is offering me hotels in Oslo & Sydney - staying with relatives in both locations (though QF couldn't know that about SYD), however the two locations en-route where I have over night layovers of 23 & 12 hours respectively, and actually need hotels - nothing is offered...
  19. notsure

    New Look QF MMB

    Using the above logic, OLCI for my upcoming LHR-MEL-SYD flights (12 hours in MEL) would finally open when I'm somewhere between DXB-MEL making it impossible to OLCI for the LHR-MEL flight - not really an issue for me as we're in F - so airport check-in should be a breeze anyways (and have...
  20. notsure

    QP members diverted from LAX TBIT Lounge until upgrade Complete - "Next Year"

    Re: QP Members Barred from LAX TBIT Lounge until upgrade Completed - Sometime "Next Y Just out of interest, being the lounge in question is a OW lounge (albeit operated by QF) isn't it entirely possible, that QF are not the ones setting the access rules. As a OW lounge, I would imagine that...