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  1. wintergirl


    Hi everyone! :) I've been lurking for a while here, then I finally started posted... and then I realized I should probably introduce myself! Hope to get active on this forum when I've got a moment or so :)
  2. wintergirl

    Newbie USA travel: Where to Start, Which FF Program? Qantas?

    Hello! I'm a newbie to frequent flyer programs, and am trying to plan a trip to the USA for next May or so, with very little existing reward points and no status. Since this trip is part-business, I'm thinking of just paying cash and hoarding points: this is where I'd really appreciate your...
  3. wintergirl

    Newbie Question: No Status, How To Travel Mel-LAX in J?

    Hello! This is such a helpful forum :) I spent all of last night reading the threads on LifeMiles, and have managed to sort out my future Asia/Europe travel (woohoo! :) ) The husband and I never travel to the US, but we have an upcoming (flexible) flight vaguely planned in three to six/seven...