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  1. aupirate

    When does status drop?

    Thanks for the heads up, nothing in my messages when I signed in to my account. For some reason it seems I have Diamond again till 2016. Didn`t get anything in the mail as we have moved house and I forgot to update my Hilton profile. Fingers crossed it stays at Diamond for another year.
  2. aupirate

    When does status drop?

    Possibly, did about 30 nights last year and last time I looked was almost at Gold so maybe they are being nice?
  3. aupirate

    When does status drop?

    the slider thing on my profile has gone down to blue but status still listed as diamond.
  4. aupirate

    QF Offering Status Match to NZ Residents

    got my status match today, took a couple of weeks to come through
  5. aupirate

    How do retirees still earn FF Points, and optimise travel?

    I'm also looking at traveling for awhile not sure I can call it early retirement yet, time will tell. At this stage I prefer to call it a year off, my wife tells me I'm retiring, usually she is correct about these things. I'm resigned to deep discount economy as long as we can travel and...
  6. aupirate

    Differing standards in airport security during check in.

    VA lounge screening always has plenty of time due to fewer passengers so bound to be thorough.
  7. aupirate

    One-Way International Flight - Any issue at Check-in?

    We arrived at CDG on Monday I'm on a Kiwi passport traveling for a month on 2 one way tickets. SWMBO is on EU on a 1 way traveling for 3 months. At no time have either of us been asked to show any travel documentation. All our itenarys are in electronic form via tripit. At CDG SWMBO breezed...
  8. aupirate

    On board recognition - who gets any?

    So you dont think Jetstar is competition for airnz on its domestic routes?
  9. aupirate

    ABC Foreign Correspondent tonight (Tues 8) re Dubai

    I watched part one with interest as we were about to depart for Dubai. Wouldn't want to live there, no excuse for the poor way that the two men were treated. However we both enjoyed our time in Abu Dahbi, Dubai and Sharjah. There didn't seem to be any problems but yes we wouldn't walk down the...
  10. aupirate

    Lounge access Abu Dahbi

    F lounge was T3 very nice lounge it is to. Massage, 3 course meal, SWMBO was very very happy! I've attached a couple of snaps, haven't tried this before on my tablet, hope they post.
  11. aupirate

    Lounge access Abu Dahbi

    Thanks guys we will look out for T1 lounge
  12. aupirate

    Lounge access Abu Dahbi

    As VA WP traveling on EY, VA booked flight which lounge at Abu Dahbi can i use for my 1 am flight ?
  13. aupirate

    How much do you tell your family and friends about travel deals/FF sweetspot etc?

    Advance set selection, SWMBO and I on VA 188 to Auckland tonight seats 3a 3b got to checkin oh your in 3b 3c, really funny as I checked a couple of hours ago and my booking stated 3a 3b. Anyhow asked for 3a 3b and got told sorry all 3a is full. But ill just check with my supervisor, oh would...
  14. aupirate

    EY Gold Status match

    Nope still waiting
  15. aupirate

    Best Debit card for Overseas

    Has anyone tried this card in France? On their website it doesnt list France as a participating country. Will be there for a couple of weeks in April.
  16. aupirate

    BNE - AUH - Paris

    Thanks Browski I'm afraid I will be down the back somewhere in cattle class.
  17. aupirate

    BNE - AUH - Paris

    Hi Browski apologies for my late reply I ended up pulling the trigger on 2 one way VA points fares using my velocity points on EY. Stikl haven't booked my return flight but must get on with it. Will probably just come back the same way at this stage.
  18. aupirate

    HHonors as VA Plat

    Thanks, I ended up booking BNE AUH CDG with VA points staying a few nights in AUH so I`m interested in using the benefits of my membership on this trip in April, May, I guess I should wait another couple of weeks to see what comes through from Hilton?
  19. aupirate

    HHonors as VA Plat

    Hi, I activated Hhonors through my velocity account on 2/1/2014, can anyone tell me how long paperwork ect. will take to come through?
  20. aupirate

    Which PJs in the sky

    About 4 years ago in a snowed in Queenstown NZ happened across a well dressed lady wandering around in the snow outside the hotel. During the ensuing chat turned out she was QF cabin crew that were stranded due to the sudden change in weather. She was freezing and showed us the QF pajamas she...