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    Flying partner airline (SQ) while account under review

    I am assuming you are Velocity FF. If that is the case you will find that your Gold benefits will apply until your card expiry which is 1 month after your review date.
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    How long until VA pulls out of DPS?

    Interesting, as there are still flights being sold MEL to DPS in March. Mighty fine price too, 860 each way in J! I am so tied to VA Velocity, but am still thinking these fares are worth giving up SC for.
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    Paypal is pointless

    Can you clarify which PayPal product you are referring to? The PayPal fees vary by country of issue of the credit card, but not by Card Issuer according to their Terms and Conditions. I have tried searching about how to opt out of a card type. I thought the concept of PayPal was that the seller...
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    KLM business class? Or CX Premium Economy

    Flew the KLM business on Friday. Impressive service, good seats, good IFE ...would definitely fly them again. I fly around 10 J trips per year across 3 major airlines, so was interested to see what KLM was like ...they stacked up well.
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    SQ bag drop closing time in MEL

    i regularly do that flight and usually leave home in an inner SE suburb at around 9.50, usually an easy run through check in, immigration etc, although usually no lounge time as SQ goes from the very far gates and so you do have to walk the full length of the airport. i wouldn't leave any later...
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    Chip and PIN cards

    It is my understanding that this will apply for Australian issued cards used in Australia, I have been told that if a international card is presented with a chip the terminal will recognise this and not force the PIN to be entered. It is probably good security, but I have times when senility...
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    Bose QC20 in-ear noise cancelling headphones.

    Have just purchased the QC 20i about 2 weeks ago, incredibly happy with every aspect of them. Previously had the QC3s but feel that the 20s are superior. No issues with volume....even used them on the VA sound limited Galaxy tab the other day and could actually hear it clearly! Miracle!
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    When is the $35 change fee applicable?

    I think the call centre team must have been given a recent reminder about these fees. I spoke to a " gentleman" about 2 weeks ago who was adamant that I had to pay $35 to change my Flexi J class upgrade fare. He continually told me I was was wrong when I advised it had not been applied...
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    Double VFF Points (or SCs), April-June 2014

    Hear your pain, I have over 2500 SC with 7 months still to go. Double SC is not going to change my behaviour, but double points would have!
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    EY to offer US pre-clearance at AUH

    I used this 2 weeks ago on my way to NYC. In theory it is great concept, and I am sure will eventually be a huge plus. The challenge at the moment is that there are 3 flights to the US leaving within a 30 minute time span (10am to 10.30). I was in the first class lounge and they suggested we...
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    Anyone else stuck in US east coast snow storm?

    I am in NYC, flying out at 9.40pm. It's a mess here, but flights have been landing so indications are I should get out close to schedule departure time. The wind has settled here, and we have had some rain so some snow is clearing. Expecting more snow later today. Very spectacular!
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    EY Upgrade Auction

    Hi Justinf ... Did you end up getting your points for your upgraded sectors? I am thinking of upgrading, but don't want to risk my J class points ear, which will be significant from MEL to NYC!
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    Marriage/Change of name and prepurchased airline tickets

    There will be no problems at all. In fact some people continue to travel on the maiden name. I have a friend who has renewed her passport twice since she married, and it is still in her maiden name. (No idea why!!) So long as the tickets match the passport you will be fine.
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    Europcar changes to excess (mostly increases) and fleet

    Melbourne Airport. I actually have insurance ultimately no cost, but I feel on principle I want to challenge their practice. Seriously I can't even prove that they even have undertaken the repar!
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    Europcar changes to excess (mostly increases) and fleet

    I would never rent a premium car from Europcar again. Daughter and son in law rented 3 A5's for their wedding cars. Europcar claimed damage to rims on 2 of them on return, charged $500 per car damages. We dropped back an A4 in June to Melbourne.....they claimed a 2mm scratch to the rim. We...
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    Re: Virgin WIFi IFE I had the chance to use the new IFE last Monday on a very short flight MEL to HBA. I found the choice of viewing much broader than I expected. There was a real mix of Genre,and quality and speed of connection was geat. To me the key is how often they update content. I fly...
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    How do I check in with only "carry on luggage" - Sydney to Los Angeles?

    My experience, albeit 2 years ago, on a SYD to AKL flight in similar circumstances, was that it caused delay at the gate. When they scanned my boarding pass I was pulled out of the line and they did some sort of authentication of our passports prior to boarding. My 2 travelling companions had...
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    Apparent occupied seats - a true indication of plane fullness?

    Totally agree with everyone's comments. My daughter flew Scoot Sin-SYD yesterday and there was literally a handful of seats allocated on the seat map, and at SGD228 including taxes return I reasonably assumed the flight was wide open. In fact it was very I would grab your seat now!
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    [Confirmed] QF removing [cheap] ASAs [from web booking engine Jun 26] was 10April

    re: [Confirmed] QF removing [cheap] ASAs [from web booking engine Jun 26-was]10April This one is very basic, Singapore is ORIGIN, Australia (let's say SYD) is Destination (aka turnaround). The STOPOVER is a point between origin and destination, so in the SIN SYD example you cannot have a...
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    Companion membership: does it show under "my benefits?"

    777 you raise an interesting point. If a Platinum retains Platinum through Family Pooling, and hits the threshold for Gold Gifting does that mean they can actually gift. I had just assumed that as it was family pooling it would only be the "primary earner" who could gift.