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    NAB Velocity Rewards cards' future

    Looks like it’s at its end, got a letter to tell me they are swapping my card to the nab rewards platinum card in November with an auto transfer to velocity. Lower earn rate than what it gets currently. There is a 15 percent bonus for the first three months however.
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    Qantas Business Class dinner - a 'hotdog' ??

    Has to have been the same 737 that operated my CNS-BNE flight on Saturday! Must have come off my 'tasting plate' that I was served in J... It was my first QF flight in probably 18 months (Am VA platinum) and the whole experience was underwhelming to say the least. The lounge food for breakfast...
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    Official VA Lounge Function in CNS Tues 10 June

    Interesting stuff - Not sure what they are going for with this kind of event? Im Cairns based and in the business world (finance) however have a pretty full day that day. Would be interested to hear more details post event though!
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    upgrades for Virgin Platinum Members

    The platinum desk usually will tell you if upgrade seats are available- I tend to have it up to purchase on my computer, call to see if it's available and if it is then book it and get then to upgrade it all in one go... Works well
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    Long Haul Int - Upgrade Query

    I've just done the same- ended up being less then $100 difference between premium saver and the flexi fare and given the upgrade points are the same having the higher SC earn made it a no brainer!
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    QFF Card I can use for business expenses?

    NAB has a business credit card which credits straight to QFF and includes business expenses - earn rate isnt that great but in conjunction with EDR rewards card could work out ok - info>business>cards>NAB Qantas Business Card
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    Buying USD in Sydney

    Cant comment on rate but just for the record the fees on foreign currency conversion at NAB is 1.1% of the aud value with a minimum of $10.