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  1. exceladdict

    Errors in QF Website Mixed Class Award Pricing and Display?

    I've noticed what appears to be an unwelcome enhancement this afternoon when trying to book 2 pax OOL-xMEL/SYD-PER in J. At first, it appears I have a few options, at the expected 57k price point: But on many, I expand to find that in fact, the longer of the two flights is in Y, with no...
  2. exceladdict

    BP Rewards / Qantas Targeted and Bonus Offers

    Hi AFF Similar to the fantastic Everyday Rewards and Flybuys targeted/promotions threads, I thought it could be helpful to start a combined thread of BP Rewards and associated Qantas targeted bonus point offers. I think it's probably safe to assume that most here are converting to Qantas...
  3. exceladdict

    Qantas Amex Ultimate: 120k Qantas Points for 3k Spend (Ends 4 May 2022)

    I'm glad to provide a referral other members of AFF for what is probably my favourite amex card. After signing up using a referral link ourselves late last year, Mrs Excel and I have now held this card four times between us. For ongoing spend and the sheer quantity of points from the sign up...
  4. exceladdict

    80,000 Bonus Points on Qantas Amex Premium

    It's been a while since I've seen an offer on this card so thought I'd share in case anyone has their eye on it. By using a referral link you can receive an extra 10,000 points compared to the current offer available directly via Amex or via other partners. This means you'll receive a total of...
  5. exceladdict

    Large payments above credit limit, earning points

    Hi AFF, I was wondering if anyone has experience with Visa/MC cards that allow you to make large payments (far above your credit limit) by overloading the card with cash into a positive balance; and what the points earning experiences on those may be. In particular I'm eyeing off the anz black...
  6. exceladdict

    20,000 Points for new Qantas Credit Card Holders As has been offered in the past: In past experiences, points have been awarded to those who signed up via other platforms as well - so it's worth registering for this 'just in case' if you've been in the...
  7. exceladdict

    New IHG Hotel for Perth (Previous Sage)

    Did a double take when noticing the holiday inn logo, driving through West Perth this morning. Missed this news in October: IHG signs new deal to double Holiday Inn portfolio in Perth - Hotel Management There are a couple of other existing locations nearby, including a Tribe, Quest and Sebel...
  8. exceladdict

    Smart Things and Home Automation

    Hi AFF, Interested if anyone else on the forum has dabbled in smart things home automation? I'm slowly amassing a number of lights, speakers, plugs and most recently a tap timer. Moving to a new build in the next while, I'm looking to transition over to controlling everything through home...
  9. exceladdict

    Flybuys introduces automatic Velocity transfer and promotional SCs, earn rate

    Via EDM: Key terms and conditions seem to be Must keep auto transfer on until 31 Jan to access bonuses All current FB points are transferred when you sign up Reverts to 2000=870 thereafter Considering whether the 60scs via my account + pooling, for $2000 of spend during December, is worth...
  10. exceladdict

    Shipping fees no longer free on the Qantas Store

    Was browsing some "discounts" on headphones and noticed for the first time that a delivery fee has been added: While 2250 points or $15 won't break the bank, I recall the Qantas store used to brag about its free shipping? The wayback machine is offline at the moment so I can't check - but I...
  11. exceladdict

    100,000 Points on the Qantas Ultimate Amex - Expires 7 October

    The Qantas Ultimate Amex is up to an 100,000 point sign up offer again, by referral link only (the website direct sign up offer is currently 55,000 points only). 100,000 points when you apply online by 7 October 2020, are approved and spend $3k in the first 3 months. As @Dr Ralph posted last...
  12. exceladdict

    100K Bonus Points on Qantas Ultimate Amex (exp 7 Oct)

    Received this offer by email this afternoon - Your friend will earn a bigger bonus of 100,000 Qantas Points if they apply by 7 October 2020 using your referral link, are approved and spend $3,000 within the first three months.* They’ll also receive a $450 Qantas Travel Credit~, plus earn up to...
  13. exceladdict

    Four-Year Status Match with Starlux

    Noticed this via Point Hacks just now: How to get a four-year status match with Starlux - Point Hacks Have thrown my hat in the ring, using VA gold and digital transaction activity screenshot. Let's see what happens!
  14. exceladdict

    65,000 Qantas Points on AMEX Qantas Ultimate - $3,000 Min Spend

    This offer has now changed to 65,000 points for the card applicant and 40,000 points for the referrer. There is currently no end date for the offer, but, be sure to check for other concurrent offers which may see you earn more bonus points (such as via affiliate sites or Qantas). Of course, it's...
  15. exceladdict

    Commuting on Scooters (in Aus)?

    Mrs Excel and I have ditched one of the cars with the plan to buy a scooter for one of our short commutes. Wondering if there are any AFFers who have experience with the same and could provide advice, any and all accepted. We are currently considering a cheap new scooter - 50cc 2stroke...
  16. exceladdict

    Travelling with Art Supplies - CX/SQ

    Hi friends, Currently in Japan and Mrs Excel is getting ready to invest in many art supplies, lots of which aren't available or are significantly cheaper than in Perth. Question as to whether anyone has travelled with a significant amount before and had any issues putting things in checked...
  17. exceladdict

    Qantas Ultimate Amex up to 120k points again [Ends 6 Nov 2019]

    Fresh after I applied for it at 100k, the Qantas Ultimate Amex has bumped up to 120k points again, though with a higher minimum spend of $4500 in 3 months to activate the bonus points. If you're interested in this card head over to the referral forum so that a forum member gets a bonus, rather...
  18. exceladdict

    120,000 points on the Qantas Ultimate Amex [Ends 18 Nov 2019]

    I've received this card after applying via a referral link from an earlier offer, and would be thrilled if anyone would bestow a 40k bonus upon me by clicking here and applying via my referral link. The 120,000 points you'll receive is the highest this card has been at in recent memory! By...
  19. exceladdict

    MasterCard Flight Delay Pass 2019

    First seen on OzB with a 28 degrees link, but now generic: Free lounge access if your flight is delayed. Have been unable to register my non-28 degrees cards though. Has anyone else had more luck?
  20. exceladdict

    Escape to Melbourne

    After a year or so of mismatched annual leave entitlements, the stars finally aligned for Mr & Mrs Excel to spend some time off together. We’ve recently taken a liking to the escape room phenomenon and after exhausting most of the rooms in Perth, needed to look east to continue to satiate this...