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    Free Virgin Australia Lounge Pass x 1 expires Jan 2018

    Hi All, Free to good home. It expires end of this month. I don't think anyone would receive it by the 18th(will aim to send on monday but incase I forget). Would like to see someone with more than 50 posts
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    Travelling with infant(12 mth) in J

    Hi All, Just booked BNE to NRT for next month when our little girl will be 12 mth old. This will be our first international flight with her and she should have done CBR and PER by then. I'm just wondering if we should definitely be asking for the bassinet seats? The trip over there is a...
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    Brisbane international lounge refurbishment

    Hi all, Couldn't find any threads on this. Apologies if there is and my search skills aren't up to scratch. Just wondering if anyone knows the latest on the refurb who has been flying? Since the articles last year I haven't seen or heard much.
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    Priority Seat selection with wife

    Hi All, I've made a booking from Brisbane to hong kong and I can choose a bulkhead/emergency row seat for myself online as I'm in a One World Sapphire member, but i can't seem to choose my wife's seat so that it's next to me. Is there a way to do this? Doesn't seem to allow it even though we're...
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    Brisbane to Japan partner upgrade?

    Hi all, thinking of buying the CX sales to Tokyo next year around April. The flight out is a red eye and was just wondering if its possible to upgrade to J with Qantas points or some other method? Was hoping to actually pay for the flights since its on sale and I have a flight centre gift card...
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    why buy a ticket then upgrade?

    Hi guys, not a big flyer so don't quite understand all the tips and tricks. I'm wondering what the advantage is of buying a ticket then upgrading? Isn't it better to get a reward seat in the first place? Is it because lack of points? Am I missing something?
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    Gift Vouchers earn status credits?

    Hi All, Wondering if gift vouchers used to book flights will earn status credits? I believe from reading the rules it does, but thought I'd double check How to earn Status Credits "You will earn Status Credits when you travel on eligible fares with Virgin Australia and our airline...
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    Lounge passes

    Hi all, I have 2 lounge passes from when I was silver(gold now). Can my wife use these even when im not traveling with her? Have a feeling the answer is no but thought id ask anyway. Ta