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    Qantas MU award flight economy

    Hi, I am looking at booking an economy reward through QF and flying on MU. I am currently a Skyteam Elite Plus and was wondering if I would be able to use that to get into lounges?
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    Points + pay help

    Hi, I have searched but couldn't find an answer. I am trying to make my first reward booking for SIN-KUL on SQ, when I search it says 10,000 + $34 or 15300, I am wanting to pay the $34 but I get to the last stage of booking and have seen no choice, am I doing something wrong or for some reason...
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    Is this itinerary possible?

    I am planning to book some flights soon, I have found the itinerary I want using the Emirates website but was hoping to compare it with the Qantas price as I'd prefer to earn SCs if its a similar price. All the flights do come up in different searches on Qantas but not when I do the Multi City...
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    Points earn United to Virgin

    Hi, I currently have a family booking for Melbourne to USA, the majority of the flights are with United and 2 short flights with Alaska but we only have points with QFF and Velocity. I was just hoping someone could tell me if this is a good way to earn the points with Velocity and/or QFF? or...
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    Day Trip to Auckland

    Hi, I am thinking of doing a day trip (maybe 2 days) to Auckland from MEL and have a couple of questions. I am wanting to do something like the following, I have not chosen exact dates yet but would like to do it while the A340 is still used. QF400 Depart MEL 0600 Arrive SYD 0725 LA800 Depart...
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    Using QFF points to upgrade on CX

    Hi, I am flying CX in a few days on an L fare(unsure if thats good), is it possible to use QFF points to upgrade from economy to PE or Business? I did a bit of searching but its all a bit confusing. Thanks, Ben
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    Japan Airlines Award Flight

    Hi, I am planning on visiting Japan later in the year and I want to use my QFF points for an economy flight, So what I want to know is, Can i fly Japan airlines SYD-NRT-SYD using QFF points? It does not come up in the search results. Thanks
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    Which FF program? Flying United

    Hi, I am asking this for a friend. He isn't sure which program to sign up to and credit his flights to and is hoping someone here could give some advice. This is his itinerary so far UA840 MEL-SYD-LAX (K) UA1078 LAX-DEN (K) UA1107 DEN-ANC (K) UA1101 ANC-SEA-IAH (U) UA657 IAH-SJD (U) UA678...
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    Question about Retro Claim

    Hi, I submitted a Retro claim for flights with DL and have received points and SCs for half of the flights but not the rest, Is this Normal? does this mean I will not receive points for the rest as they were all in the same retro claim? Also for the flight MEL-SYD which was on VA then...
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    Online check in for NZ flight but booked through VA

    Hi, My brother is flying to Auckland from Melbourne on Wednesday and wants to check in online but we are unsure if it is possible, If it is how does he do it as the booking Ref is not accepted on the NZ website. Thanks, Ben
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    Delta Air Lines booking?

    Hi, My friend is booked on DL1 LHR-JFK on a B76W in Economy but now his reservation says Lie-Flat seat and also economy. Does this mean he is in Economy or business? Thanks, Ben
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    Jetstar AKL-MEL booking

    Hi, My brother is wanting to book a JQ flight for AKL-MEL one way and it comes up in NZD is there a way to change it to AUD? If not is there a fee to book in NZD from Australia? Thanks, Ben
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    Points for USA trip?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could give me a rough estimate on how many points and SCs i would earn for the following routes, I have looked on the Velocity site but got confused, Most likely in Discount economy but possibly Full fare economy. 1. MEL-SYD(VA)SYD-LAX-MCO(DL) 2. MCO-IAD(DL) 3...
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    Family Member Flying QF, best way to get points?

    Hi, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything, My sister is flying MEL-CBR-MEL and said i can have her points, I know you can't pool SCs but can you pool points? if not what is the best way to get them? Thanks, Ben
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    Family Points

    Hi, I did a search about this and it did come up with a thread but it didn't really have an answer so i wanted to ask. A family member of mine is flying MEL-KUL-DXB-FCO later this year and has no interest in FF accounts, I am wanting to get his points, with the 20% thing would he still get...
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    SQ and NZ Velocity points?

    Hi, I am asking this for a friend. My friend has just flown SQ and MI on MEL-SIN-HYD on the 17th of May and HYD-SIN-MEL on the 1 of June, He booked these through the Singapore Airlines site is it possible for him to get Velocity points for these flights? He also has just booked a trip to USA...
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    Tiger Rescheduled Flights

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong section. A while ago when Tiger had there cheap $10 flights a few friends and I decided to go to the Gold Coast but had to go via Sydney to get the cheap flights, so it was made under two bookings OOL-SYD and SYD-MEL. we made sure we had plenty of time in case...
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    What to do with points expiring soon?

    Hi, I have 10,500 Skywards points that expire soon, I'm not going to be able to go anywhere soon so I can't extend the expiry date if that's how it works. So i was just wondering what i could do with them? I have read that I can't transfer them to QFF is that correct? Thanks for any advice...
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    Claiming Missing Points VIA the Email

    Hi, About 3 weeks ago I entered my details in the Claim Missing Points section, it came up with an error and said to send it to an email address, I have done that but still no points in my account. How long does this usually take? Thanks, Ben
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    Making FF accounts for all of the family

    Hi, I have offered to open and look after FF accounts for my family (VA,QF) i was just wondering if its possible to have the same email on multiple accounts? so its easier if i need to use an email. Thanks, Ben