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    Travelling for business - Points + Pay fault?

    I have a business/ business rewards account linked to my FF profile. When making a booking there is a tab you can check to say I'm travelling for xx business and sometimes this offers member deals/ discount on selected fares. Problem I've come across is that whenever I check this tab it does not...
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    Amex Platinum Charge vs Qantas Amex Ultimate card

    Apologies if this has been asked already, did a search and couldnt see anything.... After some opinions on which is the better card. Actually if I'm honest I'm really trying to ascertain if the plat charge card benefits justify the annual fee. Main reason for looking for a new card is Qantas...
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    LAX Long transit & QF lounge access?

    Hi all, I'm after some confirmation and/ or advice around long layover and lounge access in LAX. I'm QF Platinum and I have a trip (with wife & 2 kids) to Calgary booked in Jan 19. Booked via Qantas so travelling Sydney to LA on QF11. This flight arrives into LA, terminal B at 6am. Our...
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    Virgin Bus. Syd to Bali lounge access etc

    Hi there, My wife and I are travelling to Bali with Virgin in business. I'm most often a qf flyer (don't hold that aginst me!:)) so I'm after some advise/ tips on things such as lounge access options, seat selection etc and any other helpful hints. Thanks in advance.
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    Securing 3 x Qantas Business Classic Award Seats

    Hi, I'm a big fan of this site for flight and holiday tips and have got alot out of it over the recent years. Question for the experienced ones. I'm a QF Gold FF with over 1m points that I want to put to good use. Next year in late June I have a business trip to France. I will organise and pay...
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    QF5 & QF6 Premium Economy advice please

    Hi, my partner and I are travelling on QF5 and QF6, Sydney to Frankfurt (and on to London) return in PE. The seat map shows PE being rows 29 through to row 36. I am not familiar with this layout and would appreciate any suggestions on the best seats to select. Its a long trip and getting the...
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    Free Holiday (Prize) flights suggestions

    Hi all, I'm still a newbie but I love this forum and the insightful answers and suggestions that are given by the knowledgeable ones, I check regularly and have picked up many tricks and tips. Now for my question/s - I was notified this afternoon that I have won a prize which is a trip for 2 to...