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  1. SpaceDodo

    Altitude online booking for business class came back as economy

    Hi a family member booked a flight brisbane to perth for july using their altitude points. At the time of booking they picked business class button on the qantas flight as distinctly picking economy (which cost them 30,000 extra points to get business class). Today they found out that they are...
  2. SpaceDodo

    qantas club access & business class rewards

    Hi we are travelling from Brisbane to perth on july with two of three family members going business class. Due a stuff up on behalf of Altitude rewards flight redemption third family member now finds out they are in economy (after using extra award points for squat). Can we take this family...
  3. SpaceDodo

    Greetings from Newbie in WA

    Hi All I just wanted to learn how to get best value and choice with my limited holiday travel budget. Often we save between two to four year to go on a nice family holiday and we are due to start planning for a new one. We want to stay in Australia as we have a child and our preferred...