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  1. Danielb56

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Between my me and my wife we still have 1million points between us...can I transfer them t another airline...getting sick of Qantas lack of care for customers...they want you to be loyal but they never reward loyalty...I get better service from their partners...I only book what is necessary...
  2. Danielb56

    Qantas Green frequent flyer tier

    I hear you and many people will do the same...
  3. Danielb56

    Qantas Green frequent flyer tier

    I think this is typical virtue signaling rather than a real change. One of my issues around any new initiative is who pays. If we go back many years whenever any new incentives i.e the Model T Ford. It was Fiord who paid for the initiative and not the government (i.e. us). If any of these...
  4. Danielb56

    Qantas and Emirates partnership extension

    This has been one of the best deals Qantas has done in recent times for its customers overall.
  5. Danielb56

    Which Airlines may be next to Fold?

    Alitalia is going in October but a new airline will take its place- ITA With many of these airlines going under during Covid, I think we will eventually see new ones replace them over time...
  6. Danielb56

    Qantas reopens international bookings from July 2021 [now December]

    I'm with you on this. Firstly, the way countries and our state premiers (except NSW) handle 1 breakout with a massive lockdown I have no confidence in making any bookings just yet. Secondly, the announcement from Joyce is simply a marketing ploy to bring back 'confidence' even though he is at...
  7. Danielb56

    Australian women on Qatar flight internally examined

    Hi. I just posted something on Qatar and an incident I had there where I was detained for 3 1/2 - 4 hours on arrival back from Europe. I had a 3-4 night stopover in Doha. They sent me from one room to another without a word for over 3 - 4 hours. In the end the top Immigration official spoke to...
  8. Danielb56

    Australian women on Qatar flight internally examined

    My issue here is that the UN should be saying something and bring Qatar to task on this matter but as usual they are a useless bureaucratic monolith that sits on its hands and does absolutely nothing. In 2016, I was travelling back from Europe and had a 3-4 night stopover in Qatar. On arrival...
  9. Danielb56

    How long did Qantas take to process your refund for cancelled flights?

    I ended calling Qantas yesterday to enquire why my tax/cash has not been refunded for the 2nd flight. I ended up calling Qantas yesterday (29th Aug) about the 2nd refund cash payment as it has been over 12 weeks. The lady did not know why it has not been paid but acted on it immediately and...
  10. Danielb56

    Qantas increases points required for Emirates rewards

    Early last year my wife and I flew Business on Emirates to Cairo and off memory the points were in the low 100k. I think somewhere around 115,000 (approx.). When I tried booking flights late last year for our intended trip to Greece and Italy (Sep-Oct202) I noticed some changes -1. It was more...
  11. Danielb56

    How long did Qantas take to process your refund for cancelled flights?

    I have received points on two separate flights that I booked around 9 weeks and 10.5 weeks respectively. But I have received the cash refund after 12 weeks from the smaller and cheaper flight and still waiting for the refund for the larger cash flight which is still around 14 weeks now.
  12. Danielb56

    Flights from Hell

    This was back in the early 90s. I was flying Syd/Man/HKK on Philippines airlines. The flight was relatively good until about 2 hours out of Manila. We hit a massive storm - rain, wind, lightning etc. The turbulence was pretty bad. We just had dinner and I needed to go to the bathroom as the FA...
  13. Danielb56

    Qantas increases points required for Emirates rewards

    My wife and I last year went to Egypt on Emirates Business Feb 19. We then later in 2019 (Oct/Sept) tried booking business for Athens and Rome return but found Emirates few and far between for Business. This was way before Covid started suspect with the changes to Carrier charges maybe Emirates...
  14. Danielb56

    Qantas increases points required for Emirates rewards

    I never saw this as well. The reality though is that the reduction in carrier charges are not properly offset by increase in points. The latter costs us more than the reduction when you do the calculations. It was interesting though that when my wife and I booked (Sep/Oct 2019) reward Business...
  15. Danielb56

    Qantas Frequent Flyer Account Hacked

    When I go hacked the first time Qantas just got me to change my pin. I got hacked again weeks later. This time I ended up using a new email address and added the authentication codes and questions. No problems since.
  16. Danielb56

    Platinum sitting in economy - Do the airlines pay extra attention to us?

    I think you will find the standard reply is that it des not matter if you are Platinum or Bronze apart from Welcome back is the best you can get from Qantas. There is the advantage of booking up front. I always book up front when in Economy and often would get the best choice of seats and often...
  17. Danielb56

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    I agree...What's Trump got to do with Qantas and his issue. Is he to blame for Qantas' stupidity as well? The connection is nonsense... And Boris Johnson...
  18. Danielb56

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    I agree...whats Donald Trump got to do with Qantas issues. The analogy and connection is nonsense...? 1582497101 I agree- whats the point of ACA if they are powerless to do anything when you are in the right?
  19. Danielb56

    Massive dissapointment

    How do Singapore Airlines have such a great reputation? I'm blowed if i know. Usually Singapore are quite good on their flights. I have little to complain about. The last time I flew them was in 2016 when me and my wife flew to Maldives and it was great. However, in the past I have noticed that...
  20. Danielb56

    Trivago in trouble [fined $44.7m for misleading advertising]

    I do not go just for the Trivago price but use Trivago to find different hotels in different areas. I often compare them to the hotel website and other hotel websites like, Agoda etc. The other factor to consider are the loyalty programs when using 1 or 2 sites on a regular basis..ex...