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  1. Tassieoptom

    Telstra Best Of Business Awards

    My company was lucky enough to win a state award in the Championing Health category for Tasmania. I am heading up to Sydney, with my wife, for the National awards next week. So far the whole process has been very good and very smooth and professional. It will seem rather strange to be flying...
  2. Tassieoptom

    Hobart Wine, Food and Gin tasting trip – March 21 2020

    New thread in response to the great interest recently expressed in my last Hobart Wine tasting/Craft beer/Whiskey/Cider/Gin tour of 2018. Proposed dates so far 1. Australia Day weekend 2. 20/21/22 March to coincide with Aust vs NZ one day international 3. Easter but there are often family...
  3. Tassieoptom

    Covermore poor and slow communication

    I bought Covermore insurance as I bought my international flights on the virgin website, as you do at the end of the booking. I was unable to add my wife to the policy as she was flying on different ticket SQ vs my VA ticket. Not sure why but such is life. I had to cancel my policy after buying...
  4. Tassieoptom

    Loss of Platinum while requalifying on J international trip.

    So my review date was the day we left on our European J trip with SQ. They kept me at Plat for the outbound 3 flights earning 300SC, and also seemed to kept me at Plat for the return flights at check in in CDG and again in MEL for the last leg. also earning 300SC, i only needed 350SC to qualify...
  5. Tassieoptom

    Paris Silmo fair trip in J on SQ, with extended travel after.

    I took Mrs Tassieoptom on her first trip in J with SQ MEL-SIN-CDG leaving Wed 26th September. It is coming close to the end of odour trip and I realised that I had not made a start on a trip report, so will do this bit by bit. I hope you enjoy the tale of a wandering optometrist. The trip from...
  6. Tassieoptom

    Bulkhead seats, yay or nay?

    For SQ 336 we have been assigned seats 18D and 18F in J in the A380-800. I assume this is a bulkhead row and is close to galley but not too close to the toilet. So am in two minds and out this pair. Stay or go? Seems to be positives of great legroom, negatives close to galley and possibly...
  7. Tassieoptom

    J Class seat advice

    We have been assigned seats 12F and 12D in J for flight SQ228 MEL-SIN on a B777-300ER. We have no children and would like to avoid them if at all possible, no offence, just too old for children and too young for grandchildren sort of age. Is this the mini cabin I hear about? If so stay or go? TIA
  8. Tassieoptom

    Hobart Wine tasting/Craft beer/Whiskey/Cider/Gin tour [Aug 18/19 2018]

    Hi guys, it seems like a while since we last did a Hobart catch up, last one was a wine tour from memory. In light of the Craft beer, whiskey, craft Cider and Gin explosion in Hobart I would like to float this idea to gather any interest? I am happy to arrange tastings and tours and help with...
  9. Tassieoptom

    Virgin J flight on Singapore metal but unable to book the cook

    Hi guys i have a flight in J on a VA code on Singapore metal that i believe I paid for in J saver class. I have the PRN and can view my flight details in the Singapore site and can even choose a seat but i can not 'book the cook' as meals do not appear to be modifiable. Is this due to the J...
  10. Tassieoptom

    Melbourne to Paris CDG 26/27Sept return approx 2wks for 2people

    I am seeking a premium economy and or business class flight to Paris for my wife and I departing Melbourne or Sydney on either 26th or 27 Sept. We plan to spend approx 2 weeks in France, with a trade fair in Paris from 28thSept to 1st Oct being the only essential. We plan on visiting optical...
  11. Tassieoptom

    Quick trip to Perth in J

    I had a conference in Perth become an option a couple of months ago. Checking it out it looked great, interesting lectures, affordable and I had an accomodation offer with friends. I also had some virgin WP upgrades that were due to expire. Checking flights there were A330 flights over and back...
  12. Tassieoptom

    A330 in J headphone problem.

    I flew Mel to Per in J on Friday night. There were only 4 of us in the cabin, so service was grrat with lots of food and bubbles. So it could have been me, but my bose NC headphones place audio jack has 2 prongs and have no sound from the IFE. To hear the movie I had to swap to virgins provided...
  13. Tassieoptom

    Upgraded to Gold Membership Finally

    It has been a few years now and i have finally upgraded to Gold membership. Am still not completely convinced it will be of any major benefit to me other than confirming my happiness and commitment to AFF. If anyone has any words of wisdom for me that would be gratefully received.
  14. Tassieoptom

    Rollover question

    Probably a stupid question, but do any unused platinum upgrades rollover at the end of your platinum year if you retain platinum? Thanks
  15. Tassieoptom

    Changes to VA access to NZ lounges

    Just arrived in Melbourne, a little early for the NZ lounge, so have checked into the Virgin lounge with my wife and stepson. We were welcomed but warned that access for plat members to NZ lounges had been severely reduced. Does anyone have any idea of this? The staff did not seem to know the...
  16. Tassieoptom

    Virgin freedom ticket on ANZ metal equals what ?

    Have been looking at a virgin ticket on Air New Zealand metal, if I book a freedom class ticket what does that equal on ANZ? The Works? Or seat plus bag? Thanks.
  17. Tassieoptom

    Priority Pass advice for Changi

    I have an 8 hr stop over in Singapore's Changi airport next week. As a Gold level velocity member flying Singapore metal on a VA ticket in Y, the only lounge i had open to me is the Gold SilverKris lounge. Now this is nice but has major defects, eg no bathroom, limited food etc. I have recently...
  18. Tassieoptom

    1st Gold flyer trip to Osaka in Y

    So I achieved gold level May last year, and have flown mainly Hob-Mel-Hob on repeat since. Hence a status run to make up the 180 points i needed to keep Gold. Long and short Hob-Mel-Sin-Kix return in Y on a virgin Singapore combo. With my wife and I that is 570points, now need 180 to get to WP...
  19. Tassieoptom

    Status not on boarding pass

    Well my wife and I are starting our trip to Japan. Have checked in at Hobart and were give boarding passes HOB-MEL with gold status, but the next two flights are on Singapore metal, MEL-Singapore Singapore-Osaka show no status. Will this pose a problem with access to silverkris access in MEL, or...
  20. Tassieoptom

    Status credits with virgin holidays

    I am finding the below section of terms/conditions a little confusing. All other flights are not eligible? Is this just referring to flights not directly booked at the time of the holiday package, eg package may be Mel to Sin plus accom, but a flight Hob to Mel to start would not earn? I am...