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  1. flighthacks

    Qantas Account: Notice of suspension

    Just received an email from Qantas: We have identified that in the last six months you have made a number of purchases via the Qantas Online Mall and a significant number of these purchases have either: Used a store Gift Card for part or all of the purchase; Been refunded in part or in...
  2. flighthacks

    Air New Zealand opens new lounge in Perth

    Air New Zealand will tomorrow open its new lounge at Perth International T1. The new lounge will cater to more than 110 guest and follows the same design aesthetics as the other revamped lounges in NZ and Australia. Finally a great alternative to the dull Singapore Airlines lounge next door...
  3. flighthacks

    American Express Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,000 Bonus Qantas Points

    American Express Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,000 Bonus Qantas Points, Complimentary Domestic Flight ($450 Annual Fee) Check out the offer here: EXCLUSIVE PARTNER OFFER: Receive 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply...
  4. flighthacks

    Hilton Sydney 3 nights stay minimum for NYE

    I'm in Sydney for NYE and require only a 1 night stay, however Hilton is blocking anything that's less than 3 nights. Is there a way to get around this? I'm a Diamond member and thought they might be able to unlock a stay for me considering all room types are still available if you search from...