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    Qantas MU award flight economy

    Okay Thank you!
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    Qantas MU award flight economy

    Hi, I am looking at booking an economy reward through QF and flying on MU. I am currently a Skyteam Elite Plus and was wondering if I would be able to use that to get into lounges?
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    Free Second Free Stuff post "QF Lounge Passes” x4 - Finished

    I'd like one (or more) of these passes, I am QF bronze halfway to silver, This year I hope to be travelling more for work but will be in economy so these would help a lot. thanks
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    Most Obscure Commercial Airline That You have Flown

    For me I would say Air Costa in India. When I flew them they had a fleet of 2 E170 and 2 E190. I flew on the E170. They currently only have 2 E190 and I have read they might be closing down. edit: According to wikipedia they suspended operations 28 Feb 17.
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    J cheaper than Y

    I had a flight last year JFK-YYZ on TAM that was about $10 cheaper in J than Y.
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    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    I also had IPSC on a recent flight, (Also IFOO, CODE, PACK), IFOO is the IFE I think but unsure of the others.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Best Status Run Options - A quick overview! [not the discussion thread] Does GEG get many good status run options? I was there last month and it would have been helpful, I'll be going back quite often for the next few years so that will be helpful.
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    How many different airlines have you flown with?

    I don't have many also. Air Costa (India) Air New Zealand Air Pacific Cathay Pacific Emirates IndiGo Iran Air Jet Airways Jetstar Airways Qantas SilkAir Singapore Airlines SpiceJet Tiger Aus United Airlines Virgin Aus Virgin Blue I will be flying to USA in June but haven't booked, So I hope to...
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    Points + pay help

    AIRwin, that's the reason I went with SQ, I was originally planning to go with one of the cheap airlines, so I hope the aircraft doesn't get changed. Using my bad mathematics skills I don't think it saved anything or much if I transferred to Krisflyer so I just went through VA, But I wish I...
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    Points + pay help

    Thanks Bam71, I rang and have booked it with points + pay, I was worried I would be charged a fee for booking on the phone but wasn't.
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    Points + pay help

    Hi, I have searched but couldn't find an answer. I am trying to make my first reward booking for SIN-KUL on SQ, when I search it says 10,000 + $34 or 15300, I am wanting to pay the $34 but I get to the last stage of booking and have seen no choice, am I doing something wrong or for some reason...
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    Is this itinerary possible?

    Thanks for all those details and prices madrooster. I will look at doing the return to SIN then another booking for IKA-DXB-SIN, The reason a round trip to IKA doesn't work for me is that I have already booked KUL-IKA on IR, So now I am trying to find flights to get to KUL (planning on trying...
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    Is this itinerary possible?

    Thanks for the reply, I meant EK404 SIN-MEL So that means I would have to do a return QF MEL-SIN and then IKA-DXB, DXB-SIN as another booking?
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    Is this itinerary possible?

    I am planning to book some flights soon, I have found the itinerary I want using the Emirates website but was hoping to compare it with the Qantas price as I'd prefer to earn SCs if its a similar price. All the flights do come up in different searches on Qantas but not when I do the Multi City...
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    Points earn United to Virgin

    I used Where to Credit | How Many Airline Miles | Every Frequent Flyer Program and that says they should earn 100% on SQ, would that mean 1 point per mile?
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    Points earn United to Virgin

    Hi, I currently have a family booking for Melbourne to USA, the majority of the flights are with United and 2 short flights with Alaska but we only have points with QFF and Velocity. I was just hoping someone could tell me if this is a good way to earn the points with Velocity and/or QFF? or...
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    Beating the crowd to Cuba

    I'm just curious, is Cuba easy to do alone and without a tour? I have been looking at tours but they seem fairly expensive,Thanks
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    Day Trip to Auckland

    Thanks for the replies, I would be travelling in economy but might use points for an upgrade on the AKL-MEL flight if possible, I was thinking of overnighting in both Sydney and Auckland, as then I could maybe do some spotting. The main reason for the trip is to fly on 2 new airlines and 1 new...
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    Day Trip to Auckland

    Hi, I am thinking of doing a day trip (maybe 2 days) to Auckland from MEL and have a couple of questions. I am wanting to do something like the following, I have not chosen exact dates yet but would like to do it while the A340 is still used. QF400 Depart MEL 0600 Arrive SYD 0725 LA800 Depart...
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    Using QFF points to upgrade on CX

    Yeah, if they say no to an upgrade I will ask if I can have a spare seat next to me