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    New 120,000 American Express Velocity Platinum Offer

    It's slightly better than the previous offer but worth posting. My referral link is (note I get a referral bonus too). You will receive 120,000 Velocity Points when you apply online by 1 June 2022 for the American Express Velocity Platinum...
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    Upgrade offers

    Had a weird one today. I've an Amex Velocity card, largely for the signon offer. When due to renew I've always rung up and tried to negotiate the annual fee to which the response has always been no way but we can downgrade you to the free Amex Discovery card. So I've done this (3 times now) and...
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    Best way to contact SQ these days

    I've had a reward flight cancelled mid December (Air NZ to Wellington) but Singapore Airlines have yet to contact me despite it saying they will when I go into manage my booking. I've heard they are hard to contact at the moment, tried the chatbot but it always says they are busy. Anyone with...
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    Daily Getaways

    Have seen in the past plenty of discussion on the US Daily Getaways. No interest this year?
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    Virgin Amex Free flight cancellation

    I've just had to cancel a free flight (Virgin Amex) due to coronavirus restriction, as I understand this will be credited back to my account but unsure what the expiry date will be. Anyone with recent experience of this?
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    Cancelled Reward flights

    I have a couple of Reward flights coming up through AA (one Cathay, one Etihad). Both, as you would expect have been cancelled but are just sitting there in my account and have been doing so for a week or so, so I guess this means I will have to ring to cancel. Am dreading this somewhat based on...
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    Changi transfer with Cathay

    Seeking some advice here, have been trying to get an award flight to Europe next April via AA, have found it very difficult so have decided to split. Have booked SIN - PAR (via HKG) on Cathay (HKG-CDG in first) and looking at either SYD - SIN (via MEL) in J (or possibly F) with Qantas points...
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    Can you suggest a $50 wine better than Penfolds RWT?

    Seriously, I was getting RWT at $30-35 ten years ago, inflation has not tripled prices. Each to their own but I can think of wines $30-$50 better than RWT. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice wine but what it isn't is a great wine and that's what I want for close to $100.
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    Have Qantas changed their policy on checked baggage on international award flights?

    Just had a look at my daughters flight coming up and checked the baggage allowance. 1* 3Kg! Has this changed or is it an error?
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    Interpreting the Thai Award chart

    As both Matt and Pointhacks suggest Thai could be a good destination for MR points that I am looking for a home for with the looming devaluation. Having trouble interpreting the Thai chart though. We have friends whose son is getting married just oustdie Chang Mai in January and 98K for return...
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    Amex Dispute Resolution Address

    Does anyone know an email or address for this?. My local supermarket has stopped paying 3ppd on Edge transactions, when I contacted Amex they said that's because its categorised as a grocery. I pointed out to them that their T&C's specifically stated Harris Farm under their major supermarkets...
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    Ola Referrals

    Recently I have been using Ola a lot more than Uber, on my recent Xmas/New Year trip because there were 4 of us with plenty of bags I used Uber XL to the airport but received a text about Ola SUV (essentially the same deal) which I used on the way back. $81 for the trip to the airport on Uber...
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    Qantas Premier renewal

    Anyone had experience being able to negotiate the fee on this one. Im about to hit renewal, quite like the card but can't justify the fee so considering cancelling or transfer to the Everyday, but ideal would be to keep the card at a reduced fee. Any experiences people can share?
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    Groupon $10 for $80 credit at Winedirect

    Combine this offer from Groupon $10 for $80 Online Credit - Min. Spend $190 - Existing & New Customers with a referral for an extra $25 off (see my signature for link to referral). Some offers Shirazortment Shiraz I Live and Breathe (will need an extra bottle to tip over $190...
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    Extending AA points expiry option

    This last option on this page may be useful for those looking to extend expiry date for their AA miles American AAdvantage Rolls Out New Account Look & Promotions - One Mile at a Time
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    Shop and bag up to 2,250 bonus Qantas Points

    Apologies if already posted, just got this mail from QF. Any ideas how to leverage, i.e. low cost Qantas Mall and My Card offers that would trigger the bonus across 4 family accounts?. 500 points first shop, 750 second and 100 third plus 500 pints if you haven't used My Card offers before...
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    Thai Royal Orchid Plus

    Did anyone read this on Pointhacks An introduction to Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus - Point Hacks Very interesting, my main question what the fees are like, as points is only one part of the reason I like SQ, LM and United, they all have low fees (unlike QFF).
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    Kiwi passport and trans-Tasman travel

    A question for those who travel on an NZ passport. My understanding is that if this is the case the normal 3 month required validity of passports doesn't hold between OZ and NZ and you can travel back and forth up until the last day before expiry but information on this seems varied. Can...
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    Club Carlson buy points 100% bonus Nov27-28

    This may interest some here Club Carlson buy points 100% bonus Nov27-28 - Loyalty Traveler Like Ric I found CC points a great deal in the Baltic states, though hopefully others may be able to point other areas of value for CC points.
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    Interline Singapore to Qatar

    Hi, am hoping someone here can point me in the right place to find this info. I'm traveling SYD - SIN in SQ Suites then have a separate booking SIN - DOH - HEL on Qatar (J). Am trying to find out if I have any chance of interlining my bags first then also if I will have to go out through...