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    40,000 sign up bonus on NAB premium Velocity and Qantas Cards

    Did others get posted 2x lots of 20,000 points, or just 40,000 in the one hit? I have only just received 20k (rather than 40) when I (i) made my first purchase on 21/10/2014 and (ii) paid the $250 annual fee on 17/12/2014
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    NAB Premium Rewards Card 40k bonus QFF Points with $0 annual fee first year

    This is a very good offer. Though only 10k points, the BT/interest-free purchase (being cash elements) are huge.
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    NAB Qantas Rewards Card $0 Annual fee first year + 20K QFF Bonus points

    Hi all I applied for and currently hold the NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card (NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card - NAB) Am I also eligible to apply and receive the points on this one?
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    He can't get enough of those every day low prices !
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    Classic Awards Seats

    Any chance this might work for a SG member?
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    40,000 sign up bonus on NAB premium Velocity and Qantas Cards

    Still haven't arrived - 11 business days later - so I called up and NAB recommended that I cancel and have it re-delivered to a branch (rather than my work). Pretty smooth on the phone though, only 10-15mins to sort out.
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    Change Int. Award Flight

    Sorry to dig up an old thread - but didn't want to start a new one when there was a partial answer already. If I book an award flight in J SYD-LAX, can I freely change the date of the flight (subject to paying the change fee)? Does there need to be award seat availability to do so, or just...
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    Yep, sorry forgot to mention that I had received a targeted email it seemed. Just went in to a branch to validate identity. Took no more than 15 minutes and I got the attached savings account too. Can someone please PM me the script / advice on how to use it? Would be greatly appreciated.
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    40,000 sign up bonus on NAB premium Velocity and Qantas Cards

    I'm the reverse - received a letter of offer after about a week or so. Still no card yet - and it's now been over a fortnight since I was approved.
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    ANZ Black Lounge Access

    Thanks for the link gaz
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    Current ANZ 50k QFF please

    Hi there I have the cards and it is better to use AMEX over VISA in terms of reward points. I would suggest you look at the thread in the "Current Credit Card Promotions" sub-forum - there's a bucketload of info in there. Unfortunately due to my post count I can't submit links
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    Just submitted my application for this. Too good to pass up
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    ANZ Black Lounge Access

    My first post. I used the ANZ black card to gain access on my recent trip in both Singapore (there are 2 lounges, one in T1 and another in T3) as well as Istanbul. No issues in either one. It was handy to grab a quick drink / feed and refill my water bottle for the flight. For some reason...