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    Express path at MEL

    Ditto, my APEC card allows me to spearhead the immigration queue. However, it does become coughbersome if I'm travelling in a group. Usually I'll leave them behind and organise to meet at the lounge. However, with the express lane avail, it should mean faster processing for my travelling...
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    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    Thanks a million for the clarification. As good as the title of 'foundation member' sounds, I will have to pass on re-enrolling. Idea of forking out another $600+ doesn't really appeal to me at this stage...considering I didn't actually pay for my initial QF club membership - thanks to my now...
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    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    Gday everyone, Just joined this morning and glad to be part of this illustious group. ;-) I fear that I've completely skimmed all replies to this thread and only read the original thread started by Admin. So, please forgive me if someone has already asked the following queries: 1) I am an...