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  1. chocolate radiation man

    Napa Valley accommodation

    There's no Hilton in the NAPA, there's one in Sonoma area, but thats quite a drive from NAPA. Google is your friend for all of your questions
  2. chocolate radiation man

    Business Class - Not so strict anymore

    Come on - I am interested - what exactly frustrated you? Is your sense of entitlement so high that you feel because you are in the front two rows of an aircraft, no one should be able to use the toilets except you and the other 7 PAX in that cabin? Far out...
  3. chocolate radiation man

    Business Class - Not so strict anymore

    There is absolutely nothing worse than the CSM extending the (company) hand of gratitude to passengers with on-board upgrades! Personally I hate it, but rather than cause a fuss, I always accept these upgrades. I make a mental note to complain, but funnily enough, I always seem to forget... As...
  4. chocolate radiation man

    Goodbye Qantas

    I don't know if this is achievable as I am but a silly miner, however, I think having a "slider" similar to the points plus pay option with an indicator of the fare bucket would be an awesome feature for Qantas or Virgin to employ on their respective websites. This would allow one to purchase...
  5. chocolate radiation man

    This must be theft?

    Oh the doubters in this group. OK, a phone call to the Hyatt in Sydney and the manager was very interested in the spreadsheet. He was forwarded a copy. Quote - "Hotel discounts are the property of the company who has negotiated minimum number of stays / spend and is only available to the...
  6. chocolate radiation man

    This must be theft?

    Sorry - against my business principles.
  7. chocolate radiation man

    This must be theft?

    I get given a copy of an excel spreadsheet today which shows all of the company discount codes for the Hyatt Hotel chain. This must be private and privileged surely? So, like one does, I checked the properties of the document - seems the clown is pretty stupid in more ways than one, stealing...
  8. chocolate radiation man

    Travel agent smarts

    I needed to book some flights AU to Singapore so asked our work corporate travel agent to do it for me. I was very clear - I want flexi fares so I could upgrade with points (or at least try) for both flights. Flights booked, so decided to go online and request upgrades and I was very surprised...
  9. chocolate radiation man

    Russia suspends flying certification for B737's

    Vodka fueled knee jerk reaction to an event
  10. chocolate radiation man

    Rio Olympics 2016- Are you going?

    It took 3 attempts for my brain to clear the cookies that kept seeing the title as Rio Tinto - LOL - sorry... carry on...
  11. chocolate radiation man

    Name the service, it doesn't matter, it's going to be cough in Australia

    In general I have to agree with the first posters thoughts on hotels, but I do disagree regarding Qantas. I think Qantas has moved with the times and having the Sunday roast carved at the seat is a service long since past. I agree too with the comments on Virgin Australia and the low cost...
  12. chocolate radiation man

    Mouldy food being served in the SYD F lounge

    Don't Qantas support this group? LOL letting the coughroach post stay as long as it did. How damaging...
  13. chocolate radiation man

    Unemployed and loving it

    OK - well I can't find anything, so who's in for a couple of drinks next week some time at "the clubhouse" (West Lakes Golf Course) mid afternoon?
  14. chocolate radiation man

    Unemployed and loving it

    I thought the dates didn't align! Thanks Bundy Bear - looks like an excellent event, but I thought I had read there were drinks being organised in Adelaide?
  15. chocolate radiation man

    Unemployed and loving it

    I have not been through the Adelaide circus for exactly 2 weeks now and loving every second not having to worry about the end of my swing finishing or having to blow zero tomorrow morning due to a late night beer tonight - I'm currently unemployed and loving it. I have found my golf has not...
  16. chocolate radiation man

    Is Qantas losing its gloss?

    I think Qantas is now as good as it has been in a long time, a long long time. My personal experiences are brilliant over the last 6 months. Lost its gloss? I think so. They have gone the smooth velvet look!
  17. chocolate radiation man

    DRW Dinner & drinks - 27th November

    That's the day after a swing end... Let me look at options. I would say I'm 50% I can make it (50% can't)
  18. chocolate radiation man

    coughtail Hour Coming to the Domestic J Lounges

    Pity my major travel routes avoid business lounges... May need to find a new job!
  19. chocolate radiation man

    QF selling more "extra legroom" Y seats - 80A/K,71D, Int. bullhead & Dom. Exit

    Re: Qantas Domestic charging for exit row seats now?! Wow... Is this acceptable? I would be mighty pissed off if I was Qantas or Ausbt reading this. You have proof this is the case? I would expect that there would be a closer relationship with a business site than a blogger site, but really...