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    Which CC, MR or airline points transfers to Bonvoy (not Amex)?

    Want to book a 5n stay but short some Marriott points. Is there anything apart from AMEX that transfers to Bonvoy from any source please? It’s not viable at this time to buy them.
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    Next CBR get together at 1745 on 02 February at the Kingo Steakhouse

    The Kingo Steakhouse has the new wonderful tartan carpet in their newly decorated room presumably designed by somebody Scottish. @hossein_au @kookaburra75 @Ade @harvyk @somebol @Cossie @Colin 2905 @ajd @Drakecula @Mattg Plse add others …
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    CBR spring get together at 1800 on 20 October at The Kingo to celebrate CBR opening up and our high vacc rates

    Yay. We have been lucky enough to get 12 of the restricted seating at The Kingo. Look for us in ‘Maddies’ restaurant as from 1745 and we will be seated near the bookcase. Come prepared to potentially be asked to sit outside due to very strict seating numbers. We have a max of 12. If there...
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    CBR winter get together at 1800 on 08 June at the Kingo to celebrate us still being here, not there

    Heads up all ‘steakers’, the royal we are organising another night at the Kingo. It is come one come all oldies and newbies welcome. At 1800 on 08 June, (that is next Tuesday). Please RSVP for 🥩 🥩 🥩 . Except Mattg who IS over there.
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    CBR Autumn get together 06 April 2021 to hopefully celebrate the vaccine roll out, if they get their act together

    Let's do a CBR steakathon again to celebrate whatever modicum of good news we can find. And, the return of the squirrel who will not be telling us what he's been up to on behalf of the gubment, (and that's not at their leisure). :cool: At The Kingo in Maddies at 1800 on 06 April 2021. New...
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    USA Do not Travel updated Oct 2020

    DFAT Has issued a ‘do not travel’ warning to the USA. Very sad state of affairs for them. USA Travel Advice & Safety
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    CBR Spring get together, 16 September ‘20 to hopefully celebrate 2 months clear of Covid.

    We haven’t been able to get together since March. So looking forward to catching up with a few people. And share a birthday with one of our group. If you are a CBR or local resident or are only travelling to other places with very little spread, please come and join us at the Kingo at 6pm...
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    Considering first and one off Virgin Wines Order.

    Can I just sign up for only one delivery and then cancel? Do they still have gift vouchers, if so would anyone have one? there’s a 3000 VA points for $99. I would consider it with a gift voucher if one is around. Thanks
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    Japan Airlines First Class

    I've booked JL 5 JFK - HND in F on 777-300 next year - any comments on F seat preference please? And any other comments. Have not done F on JL before.
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    JL Rewards with QF points

    I see JL awards for JFK-HND about 10 days earlier on the QF schedule than the next sector which is HND - SYD with later availability.
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    DFAT Warning [Do NOT Travel overseas]

    Australians are being encouraged to fly home as soon as possible if overseas. Sounds like we may be about to close our borders.
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    SQ in a time of Covid-19

    Quite a few SQ flights are scheduled to travel via hot spots and bans. Thought we could use this thread until we get back to BAU after the virus. Now that EU - USA flights are out for 4 weeks, who's going to have to reroute or cancel?
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    Lord Howe Island tips and tricks

    Thinking that some experiences with accommodation, dining, tours, how many days to visit etc could be useful. It seems that a suggestion is to get the flights and make the accommodation booking immediately just before pressing 'pay' on the flights. Any other suggestions?
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    CBR Autumn get together, 11 March ‘20 to hopefully celebrate the end of the fires and smoky air.

    See you at Maddies Restaurant at The Kingo at 1800, booked in the name of AFF. Hope to meet some new members and see some old hands. There is a Maddies menu, a steakhouse menu (to cook on their BBQ), and the blackboard menu. At 73 Canberra Ave, Griffith 2603. There is some parking around...
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    I have a reward CX831 in J and I would like to move to CX841F

    I have CX831 in J and I would like to move to CX841 F on the same day in June. it’s JFK to HKG It is booked through QF. There is an F seat showing as available, but I’m just wondering what it would cost me to change the booking, it is the only sector on that booking. Any advice please on...
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    Peer Inside Tashkent’s Art-Filled (and Long-Shrouded) Subway, Uzbekistan

    Nice intro to Tashkent from the NYTimes. "Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, is home to one of the world’s most ornate subway systems. Many of its 29 stations are elaborately decorated with mosaics and chandeliers, the artwork reflecting a range of themes — from the Soviet space program to...
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    Free [Gone] Jetstar Hotel vouchers x 2 $25 off

    First to PM can have 1 or both. Thanks
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    Free GONE QF Hotel $30 voucher

    QF Hotel voucher to give away. Expires at 01-Nov-19 13:41 AEST. First to reply will get a PM.
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    Divisive topics unrelated to travel

    I would like to suggest to the forum managers and users that the forum is friendly and useful on travel related subjects and should be maintained as that exclusively. When it comes to things like climate change, politics, sexuality and matters arising, etc etc, I don’t see the need to attempt to...
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    QF seat advice please

    Hi, I'm in J on QF 128 in seat 7 A on a 787. One site I read said rows 3 and 7 in A and K have more privacy. In looking at various online videos I don't see it. Can anyone shed light on that claim please? (I put a generic subject on this so that the thread can be reused or referred to.)