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  1. YQY

    Marc Newson joins Apple - Impact on future QF design?

    Marc Newson has joined Apple and will work under Jony Ive. What does this mean for future QF hard product. Apple are notoriously secretive and restrictive on what their employee's can/cant do? Is this the end of QF's relationship with Marc? Industrial Designer Marc Newson to Join Apple Under...
  2. YQY

    Reading Lens - Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur

    I need a prescription filled for a pair of reading glass lens, I will provide the frames. Which city is the best for this? Any recommended opticians in either city? I have three nights in each city. I normally get my lens in Bangkok, usually for AUD$100 per pair.
  3. YQY

    Sofitel to manage all QF lounges in Oz

    I've just been informed that Sofitel will take over management of all lounges in Oz from Compass. I hope Domenico and the barista (lady) in the SYD Domestic J lounge will be retained by Sofitel.
  4. YQY

    One World introduces standard extra baggage allowance for elites and priority lanes

    woohoo ... fast track security and more baggage allowance on ow airlines..... News - oneworld oneworld® today unveiled two more benefits for the most regular customers of its member airlines, as part of its strategy of positioning itself as the first choice airline alliance for frequent...
  5. YQY

    Travelex currencies on Sale till 9am 22nd Jan 2013

    FYI - Travelex are having a sale on currencies till 9am tomorrow (online only). The rates seems reasonable....i can't vouch that this the best rate available currently. Travelex Australia > For You > Online Promotions
  6. YQY

    Apple iPhone 5

    After two years, I have finally decided to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 5. Although, I tend to use my iPad for browsing etc, I'm looking forward to a larger screen in the iPhone 5, especially for reading emails/calendar and the odd web page. Furthermore, I looking forward to...
  7. YQY

    Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame 2004

    This is one of my favourite Champagne's. I spotted this at SIN Duty free for SG$168 (Approx AU$130). Has anyone spotted this champagne for cheaper in Oz? Dan Murphy is $230. I'd like to get some bottles for my daughters christening.
  8. YQY

    Missed Approach

    I thought i'd create a generic missed approach thread, rather than use an existing date specific thread. Flight: QF 575 SYD-PER Aircraft: A332 (36J/265Y) Date: 1st August 2012 Reason for Missed Approach: Wind Shear I was on QF575 to Perth this morning. The flight was uneventful apart from the...
  9. YQY

    BNE Domestic to Internation Transfer

    I have a fairly tight transfer between BNE Domestic and International next month. Any recommendations on whether I should use a taxi, t-bus or Airtrain between the terminals? I will be traveling with carry on only. QF636 Arriving BNE at 10:15PM QF347 (FJ922) Departing BNE at 11:55PM The flights...
  10. YQY

    60SC's short of earning next loyalty bonus - what should i do?

    Here's my dilemma:- My status re-assessment/loyalty bonus reset is due on 1st of August. I have already requalified for WP I have no planned business or leisure travel planned for June/July. I have a DSC offer, however i'm unable to travel till this Saturday due to business/personal...
  11. YQY

    Domestic Upgrades - Improved Experience

    Slightly OT, have Qantas quietly improved the domestic upgrade experience as well? There is a reference to domestic upgrade experience in 2012 on the QF website.... I booked a red e-deal ticket to Perth in August last night, i requested an upgrade on both legs (A332) and I received instant...
  12. YQY

    Grand Hyatt New York (Grand Central)

    Has anyone stayed at the Grand Hyatt hotel in NY? How do they treat you as a Hyatt Diamond? How is the Grand Club Lounge?
  13. YQY

    Use and win an iPad SYD DOM J Lounge

    I just noticed that the SYD J Lounge have a number of iPads available for use by members. The iPads can be collected from the QF staff at the front - and there is a promo to win an iPad at this point of time. I didn't have enough time to use the service.....looking forward to hearing from other...
  14. YQY

    Magazines in the J Lounge

    Has anyone noticed the improvement in the quality of take away magazines (ones without the QF stickers) in the DOM J lounges? Last week it was Top Gear this week it's Motor Magazine. These magazines normally cost $9. Big thumbs up QF :D
  15. YQY

    "Island Dining" in the Domestic J lounges: Tips, Timing & Menus

    Sitting in the SYD J lounge, having the NY Rye with beetroot relish cold smoked ocean trout with a glass of 2007 Leo Buring Mount Barker Riesling - I'm feeling love from QANTAS - there is nothing better than having a decent meal and drink on the ground and having a snooze in the air :D
  16. YQY

    Crowded MEL J lounge

    ... <The following may need a new thread - i'll leave it to the admins> Red Roo - the size of the J Lounge in MEL is a concern - it's no bigger than the lounge in BNE but carries more passengers.When flights are delayed this leads to severe over crowding - what is QF's expansion startegy for...
  17. YQY

    Four Corners tonight - "QF32"

    4 Corners have a story on the QF32 tonight. Four Corners - 28/03/2011: QF32
  18. YQY

    Access to Level 28 @ Crown Metropol

    Has anyone else got access to Level 28 at the Crown Metropol in Melbourne? I have access to this level as a Crown VIP gratis. You can pay an extra $55 per person per night to access this level as well. Some perks are:- Check in - Room keys are available at bell desk at check in. Breakfast on...
  19. YQY

    Towncar in LAX

    I'm flying into LAX in Feb with my 6YO daughter and I require a Towncar to trasfer to a hotel in Beverly Hills. I'm not keen in renting a car given the lack of sleep etc. Can anyone reccomend a Towncar service in LA?
  20. YQY

    Filming commercial in the DOM J Lounge in SYD

    They are filming a commercial in the J lounge in Sydney. It seems we are getting new furniture in the lounge as part of the enhancements. Most of the window section of the lounge is closed off. They were filming the dragons at the front as I walked in.