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    Enough layover time in MEL?

    I have a flight booked for ADL-MEL-SIN-ICN-SIN-MEL-ADL next month. Domestic with VA, international with SQ. I thought I could have my baggage checked thru to ICN from ADL, but I was mistaken. My layover in MEL is 2hr10min. Is that enough time to collect baggage, re check baggage and go thru...
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    Complimentary Digital Lounge invite

    My husband and I are booked on QF rewards flights in J with Qatar Airways going to Europe, departing from Adelaide. I got 2 Qantas complimentary digital lounge passes from Amex for this booking. My adult son is travelling with us on the same flight, but in economy class with ticket bought...
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    Middle Name on QR booking

    My husband's middle name is not included on an existing Qantas rewards flight with Qatar Airways. Has anyone had any problems with booking not matching passport details, particularly with QR? I have always put his first and middle names on bookings to match his passport, except for this one...
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    DXB - ATH flight replaced

    Hello everyone. I was disappointed when I got an email from Qantas of a change on DXB-ATH leg of my trip. Instead of the straight flight I booked, I now have DXB-ATH via LCA. And this is 1hr 20mins after arriving from MEL-DXB leg. The annoying thing is, there is a straignt DXB-ATH flight...
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    Rewards Availability for 4

    Hello everyone Please bear with me as I'm still new to this forum (and its abbreviations). I'm also new to the business of using points. I should say I only have bronze status. So, I was able to book 4 economy seats, a family trip, in early January for a trip to Europe this Dec/Jan. The...
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    Hello everyone Chanced upon this website while searching for tricks and tips for using frequent flyer points. I've been feeling quite frustrated that I cannot find any award seats for return flight from London for a family of 4 for next January. And I thought I started planning early! Well...