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  1. CamDownUnder

    New VA A330 J to launch 17 August on SYD-PER

    AusBT reports that VA will launch its new A330 business class on 17 August with a Sydney-Perth flight. Virgin Australia new business class seats Airbus A330 Boeing 777 - Australian Business Traveller
  2. CamDownUnder

    Virgin to reduce east-west flights, downgrade to Boeing 737s during A330 refurb

    "Virgin Australia plans a rapid rollout of its next-generation business class seats, despite the launch being pushed back from March to an unspecified 'mid-year' timeframe. But transcontinental travellers could face a little pain before enjoying their lie-flat business class gain, including...
  3. CamDownUnder

    NZ won't do a 'retro' B789

    "Air New Zealand has no plans for a retrojet to celebrate its 75th anniversary, head of global brand management Jodi Williams confirms to Australian Aviation, quashing rumours that the airline was due to paint its upcoming Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in a commemorative livery." No ‘retrojet’ for...
  4. CamDownUnder

    Virgin's new A330 business class rollout delayed

    "Virgin Australia's launch of its next-generation business class seats has been pushed back to mid-year, extending Qantas' valuable lead-time as the two airlines fight for premium passengers on the lucrative east-west market." via AusBT:Virgin Australia delays new A330 business class to...
  5. CamDownUnder

    QF selling more "extra legroom" Y seats - 80A/K,71D, Int. bullhead & Dom. Exit

    Qantas adds 71D, 80A and 80K to the same 'extra legroom' category as emergency exit rows with a charge of $90 to $180. Qantas to sell more 'extra legroom' economy seats on Airbus A380 - Australian Business Traveller
  6. CamDownUnder

    Qantas removes Apple iMacs from all Sydney lounges

    Qantas trials removal of Apple iMacs from airport lounges - Australian Business Traveller Not sure what its like in the QP but taking iMacs form the J lounge won't change much in terms of extra room. Where Qantas should ditch most of the iMacs is in the Sydney F lounge, down near the 'library'...
  7. CamDownUnder

    "Qantas to unveil retro livery on Boeing 737"

    "Qantas will paint its newest Boeing 737 jet in a unique 'retro' livery to mark the 70th anniversary of the airline's iconic flying kangaroo logo" reports AusBT of the new 737-800 which is due for delivery in mid-November. Qantas to unveil retro livery on Boeing 737 - Australian Business Traveller
  8. CamDownUnder

    New benefits for platinum one

    Qantas Platinum One now includes free 'Partner Platinum' status "Qantas sweetens the Platinum One pot with new 'complimentary Partner Platinum' status" reports AusBT. Qantas sweetens Platinum One frequent flyer status - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business...
  9. CamDownUnder

    Buy airline food to take home?

    Really? Is any airline food that good that you'd want to buy it to eat at home? "Berlin-based online supermarket partners with Lufthansa-Service-Gesellschaft and offers to send two meals similar to those you know from long distance flights to your house. Menus will cost between €...
  10. CamDownUnder

    Just WHO exactly will invest in Qantas?

    Qantas is already almost 40% foreign-held according to media reports this week but not a single airline is on the list. And Emirates has time and again said it's not interested in owning part of Qantas. So is any airline likely to invest in Qantas? "If not Emirates, then who? That’s has been...
  11. CamDownUnder

    The world's most beautiful airports?

    "As pretty as an airport" isn't a simile ever likely to spring to anyone's lips, as Douglas Adams once remarked. Yet in the last 15 years, a new generation of terminals has stepped out in considerable architectural style, and is now setting the example for airports of the future. The best...
  12. CamDownUnder

    NEW! Qantas Double Points Deal, 5/9/14 through 12/9/14 for travel to 28/2/15

    "Qantas is now offering a double serve of frequent flyer points on all bookings made from today, September 5 through to September 12. The deal covers domestic and international Qantas flights as well as codeshare bookings (with a QF flight number) on partner airlines such as Emirates, for travel...
  13. CamDownUnder

    Qantas moving to boxed dinners for domestic economy

    This just in from ABT! "Qantas will move to serving boxed dinners in September as part of an overhaul of catering for domestic economy flights. The new menu, developed in conjunction with one of the airline’s suppliers of business class meals, will offer a choice between a hot meal and a...
  14. CamDownUnder

    Review: JetBlue's new A321 'Mint' business class seats and suites

    Does anybody here have a booking to fly the new 'Mint' business class in the USA soon? It looks amazing and might even give the new Qantas 'business suite' a run for its money! Review: JetBlue's new Mint business class seats and suites
  15. CamDownUnder

    Virgin Australia - any big announcements' for 28 Feb?

    All the talk has been about Qantas and its 'big announcements' on Thursday 27 Feb when Qantas reports on its 1H FY14 financials and how its going to climb out of that big black $2 billion hole but what about VA which will report its own financials the next day, on Friday 28 Feb? VA says a $49...
  16. CamDownUnder

    Canberra Airport honours David Warren ‘black box’ inventor

    Well done, CBR! Canberra Airport honours David Warren black box inventor | Plane Talking
  17. CamDownUnder

    Uber cuts taxi hire fares for Sydney

    Uber is cutting its taxi fares "up to 32 percent" in Sydney between 10am and 5pm weekdays which according to this report will undercut normal taxi fares by 40 percent. Uber app drives moves to cut Sydney taxi fares