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  1. RozInAus

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Currently awaiting a response on both FB and Twitter - still waiting, four WEEKS later.
  2. RozInAus

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Just tried these numbers. After going through the options I am told to call back later as wait time is more than two hours. No thanks.
  3. RozInAus

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    I didn't get that email. Platinum member.
  4. RozInAus

    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Same here Ram - no email from Stephanie. Maybe some of us are not worthy for some reason.
  5. RozInAus

    Article: Tourism Australia’s Tough Sell as Border Reopens

    Well, I've taken the plunge and booked for March flights. Flight availability is patchy and expensive. There's the concern that the Covid test a couple of days before flying might be positive menaing plans are overturned. This is a concern for all destinations still requiring pre-flight testing...
  6. RozInAus

    Further Qantas Status Extension?

    WHat about FF like me based overseas (I'm in the UK) who have no way of using Qantas for the foreseeable future as Australia remains sealed and locked.?Having spent years building to Platinum I would like to keep that status even though the chances of Qantas flying international again are very slim.
  7. RozInAus

    Arrangements for return of overseas students announced

    Why assume students want to come to Aus? They now know that once in, they could well be trapped, unable to get back to family in an emergency (for example). There are plenty of welcoming countries with excellent courses available and with a sense of compassion are reasonableness.
  8. RozInAus

    Sleeping on planes......

    Flat bed = sleep for me. IF I'm not that lucky I watch lots of movies to while away the time.
  9. RozInAus

    What's your best tip for avoiding jet lag?

    It's not a total fix but helps so much if you have the cash - fly Business Class.
  10. RozInAus

    Bad seat choice!!

    If you are bigger than the seat - you need to purchase 2 adjoining seats. Unfair? No, life is not always fair. There's a negative impact on those passengers nearby of course.
  11. RozInAus

    Should QF9 be re-routed

    That sounds like a scene from Harry Potter!
  12. RozInAus

    Should QF9 be re-routed

    roogirl - I'm on the brink of doing the same. Were you able tp transfer any of your Qantas FF points and status credits to BA - I'm guessing not - and need to begin from the bottom with BA?
  13. RozInAus

    Should QF9 be re-routed

    Oh how I agree about Dubai's unnecessary and chaotic security screening as you disembark even though you're in transit! What's the point? I really, really dislike Dubai as a transit airport. Noisy, brash, crass, rude staff ...
  14. RozInAus

    Should QF9 be re-routed

    We're all different - I need to fly Heathrow - Brisbane around 6 round trips per year - and as there's no longer Qantas-operated planes that do this and so no premium economy, I have to add on a domestic flight between Brisbane and Sydney to do this with Qantas. Time and cash wasting! :(
  15. RozInAus

    Should QF9 be re-routed

    Singapore for sure. It's a better more relaxing transit experience in many ways. The transit areas are not over-lit, brash and noisy and the airport staff are friendlier, more knowledgeable and pleasant. Signage is streets ahead. I don't like the attitude of many Dubai airport staff towards...
  16. RozInAus

    If I book British Airways - do I get Qantas FF points and status points?

    I fly frequently between London - Brisbane. Since Qantas linked to Emirates there's no longer options for Premium Economy bookings in and out of Brisbane. So I've been flying into Sydney, yhen Sydney - Brisbane. My journeys are now much longer, more expensive and more tiring. I could et BA...