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    MEL F Lounge Additional (Second) Guest

    On a trip MEL-LAX-JFK. Whilst travelling with my wife & 2 kids, I was cycling my kids thru MEL F lounge one at a time when the lounge receptionist said "Your family is welcome to join you, QF doesn't split up families". I tried the same thing at LAX & the lounge dragon wouldn't allow it, so I...
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    Melbourne first class checkin

    Thank you.
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    Melbourne first class checkin

    Can the Qantas Melbourne first class checkin be used for domestic flights or is it just for international flights? TIA for replies.
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    With passport & APEC card you should be fine. If anyone wanted to get a quick visa, the chance of getting one within a week is almost nil pre Olympics.
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    My experience was almost 6 months exactly to the day.
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    How bad is it. TA opinion.

    Trying to get a premium class seat on TG from BKK-MEL is very difficult. A typical example: Return: Bangkok - Melbourne Outbound: Melbourne - Bangkok Fri Jun 27 Sat Jun 28 Sun Jun 29 Mon Jun 30 Tue Jul 01 Wed Jul 02 Thu Jul 03 Tue Jul 01 Wed Jul 02 Thu Jul 03 Fri Jul 04 Sat Jul 05 Sun...
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    Sick of Recliners?

    True for me if I'm flying coach.
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    Your travel in 2007...monthly updates

    Sorry about the formatting. Here 'tis again. January MEL-BKK (JQ) BKK-PVG (TG) PVG-BKK (TG) BKK-MEL (JQ) MEL-SYD (QF) SYD-MEL (QF) MEL-BKK (TG) BKK-HKG (TG) HKG-PVG (CX) PVG-PEK (MU) PEK-BKK (TG) BKK-MEL (JQ) 12 flights February MEL-SYD (QF) SYD-AKL (LA) AKL-WLG (QF) WLG-MEL (QF)...
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    JetStar International crew lock off toilets

    The times they are a'changing. I frequently fly MEL<->SIN on SQ in biz & first on the overnight flights & the seats are lousy ...very little recline & the planes aren't very new. Cabin service & food very good. Contrast this to biz class on China Eastern SHA-PEK in which the planes are brand...
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    A sign of things to come? Points + Pay your way to UK and Europe

    Any details on this yet? Or it might not happen?
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    PNG wasn't processing then. Ask now and thou shalt receive.
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    Express Path - sped up (outbound) immigration/security Screening at Intl airports

    Flying as *G in biz class on Thai I didn't get an express card. When I asked the immigration officer what the fasttrack was she said it was for people running late for their flight.
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    International flight change / transfer time

    Unlikely that the airline will accede to your request. In this situation I usually take carry on & ask for the earlier flight when I arrive for the changeover flight.
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    Is eating more important than sleeping ?

    I usually sleep rather than eat & find that inclining the seat doesn't help so I keep my seat upright all the time. It can be difficult to eat when the seat in front is inclined, particularly on TG.
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    F baggage tags

    I don't lock my checked baggage.
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    F baggage tags

    My F class tagged bags are generally close to last off in Melbourne. Makes me suspect that it's deliberate.
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    Jetstar Name Change

    If I book 4 International Starclass seats on the same flight can I put them all in my name and change the names 3 of them closer to departure date?
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    Jetstar Name Change Fee

    Yes, sensible query becomes off topic drivel.
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    Asia Miles for Qantas Earning?

    I'm considering taking your advice & going for CX Diamond. I've had a quick look at their website and I've a question about tier qualification. For club miles, it says 30,000 for silver, 60,000 for gold & 120,000 for diamond and that they're reset on upgrade. Does this mean that I need 210,000...