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  1. richie9x

    11 hour stopover in KL

    You can take the KLIA Transit Train (which shares the same tracks with KLIA Ekspres) from KLIA to Putrajaya which is only a thirteen minute ride. A few of the hotels are walking distance from the station. It is quite a lot cheaper and faster than taking the KLIA Express all the way to KL. Even...
  2. richie9x

    11 hour stopover in KL

    Another option to consider for a one night stopover is staying at Putrajaya or Cuberjaya. They are a lot closer to the airport than KL proper. Sometimes on weekends and at off peak times of the year you can get some very cheap rates even for 5 star hotels.
  3. richie9x

    Access to Lounge flying Air Pacific

    As a SG you should get access at both ends. QF/FJ flights to seem to have special access rules that were a bit unique for a non OW airline. There was a rumour that this would come to end with souring of the relationship between QF and FJ, but so far nothing has changed. However if you were...
  4. richie9x

    MH KLIA Lounge

    Yes there a few Malaysian credit cards that will get you access to the MH Enrich lounge such as the MAS American Express Platinum Business Card which gives you automatic Enrich Gold status and hence access to MH Lounges. Some credit cards each year give you passes for the MH lounge e.g. CIMB...
  5. richie9x

    Scoot Delays and Compensation

    Honestly it seems pretty fair. A four and half our delay isn't really much in the grand scheme of things. For an LCC I wouldn't really be expecting anything in the first place. Even a premium carrier wouldn't give you much for a similar delay.
  6. richie9x

    Tablets as cameras

    In general I don't mind it, seems a bit unusual but if that's what makes them happy then good on them. The only time I would have a problem with it is in crowds when the person is holding up the tablet is blocking the view for others behind them.
  7. richie9x

    FF status level question

    It is an unpublished beneift with Qantas. So could stop or be altered at anytime. It is a published benefit with Virgin, at the very least as long as Virgin do it I'm sure Qantas will continue it. There are a couple of other things that can also happen when you don't meet the status level. You...
  8. richie9x

    HKG Lounge Access

    The interesting thing was that if the P1 passenger you observed was instead a Cathay MPC Diamond then he would have been able to access a Cathay business lounge even when flying SQ as this is one benefit Cathay extend to their top tier. It is pretty arbitrary what benefits different airlines...
  9. richie9x

    Airports you've never left! (Well... only transited through!)

    There have been a few airports I have never left. But years later on I have gone back and visited the city so I guess they don't count. The only ones I can recall are Cebu Philippines, Vienna Austria and Chicago O'Hare USA.
  10. richie9x

    Platinum Lounge at KUL not so fabulous

    That is interesting they use to be business lounge, first class lounge and platinum suite. On their website they are still referred to as such. Golden Lounge Looks like they have renamed the first class lounge as the platinum lounge. And what was the platinum suite is now the retreat room. I...
  11. richie9x

    Platinum Lounge at KUL not so fabulous

    It is a platinum suite not a first class suite. It is for platinum status passengers, I even surprised they let a QF platinum I thought they were restricting to MH platinums only. There is a first class lounge for first class passengers. As far as wifi goes usually it is the opposite. The...
  12. richie9x

    CHC airport overnight sqatters

    Given that Christchurch's passenger numbers have been dropping by 5% each year for the past few years, I would have thought they would be doing all they could to keep their remaining passengers.
  13. richie9x

    disappointment with J upgrade on QF 29

    Ideally most those should not happen. Maybe I am too tolerant but those issues don't seem all that bad. If they are important to you should really report or ask for assistance for any issues to them on the spot. The chances are they will be able to help you out then and there. While it is good...
  14. richie9x

    Virgin StaffTravel

    As others have suggested you really need to ask Virgin. Generally these days most staff discount fares on other airlines are available from a agreement called Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) this has largely replaced the old Industry Discount (ID). Virgin Australia will need to have entered into...
  15. richie9x

    EK380 Brisbane services announced.

    So does that mean there will be three A380s at AKL at the same time each day? Normally gates 15 and 16 are used for A380s I wonder how they will handle a third? Also the Emirates lounge already gets pretty packed at AKL at the moment. I guess now there is an option of overflowing to the Qantas...
  16. richie9x

    EMIRATES - QANTAS Code Shared Flights are hassle or not?

    Most Emirates flights use terminal 3 which what Qantas uses. Sometimes Emirates flights do use terminal 1, but that is getting quite rare. So in all likely hood it will be the same terminal. The bags should be checked through to Melbourne. He will have to collect the bags in Melbourne then pass...
  17. richie9x

    Benefits for WP when travelling on JQ SYD to ZQN

    In general the only status benefits you get when flying Jetstar are lounge access (if available/open) and you also get the FF status bonus. So as a platinum you'll get a 100% frequent flyer points bonus if of course you have booked a fare package that is eligible for FF points. As far as I know...
  18. richie9x


    At Mall of Asia they have fireworks every Friday and Saturday night. First time I heard them I thought they were bomb blast, I was inside and couldn't see them. That freaked me out a bit, but was ok when I realised they were fireworks. I went to Davao quite a nice city. There was one pretty...
  19. richie9x

    Aus Immigration at the gate

    If they weren't doing it then the forged passport would most likely get picked up at arrivals in Australia. Then the airline would have to pick up the tab of sending the passenger back from whence they came. So really they are doing the airlines a favour.
  20. richie9x

    Virgin's international lounge access - blatantly rubbish info on website

    Looking at Virgin's web page it lists a huge number of third party lounges that are available when flying as a Velocity platinum on Etihad. According to that webpage a Velocity Platinum (or Gold) gets lounge access at Bangkok when flying on a VA codeshare on Etihad, but a business class...