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  1. DJ 1D

    Threads in Velocity forum

    I opened a thread in the Velocity forums regarding the new Platinum status. Unfortunately markis10 decided to merge that into the general announcement thread. Obviously I disagree with that, as it's clear that Platinum deserves a thread of its own. However, that being said, there are now...
  2. DJ 1D

    Interview with John Borghetti

    Interview: Virgin Australia chief executive John Borghetti Interesting interview with Mr. Borghetti here. Talks in depth about their strategy, challenges and the Aussie market. Clearly he is a very smart CEO with a vision for what he wants Virgin to be.
  3. DJ 1D

    Strange VA experience - what would you do?

    So in January myself, my wife and our little 3.5 yr old boy went to South Africa on an amazing trip. We flew from Melbourne to Joburg in VA business class. For the past few flights we've always sat in the middle section of row 4 (my wife likes it) but this time we were in row 3 and row 4 was...