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    Double the Fun [Double Velocity SCs, Book by 24 Nov, Travel by 13 Oct 2020]

    I used this offer to book the family MEL-CNS return in July, which will requalify me for Plat after pooling. However, the return flight is the last day of my membership year - any idea if the bonus SCs are credited a few days late will they be backdated to the date flown?
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    PM to USA on what aircraft?

    It can refuel itself from its extra fuel tanks, and also be refuelled mid-air by another tanker. However I don't think the runway at CBR supports it taking off with a full load of fuel so it probably got a top up shortly after takeoff before going to Andrews AFB. It is the same as the other...
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    New international lounge arrrangements from 28 Oct 2018

    Any idea whether Virgin Lounge passes will be able to be used in The House or My Lounge to bring in extra guests, similar to what QF allows for its own lounges?
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    VA gold re qualification question

    I have a similar question but with respect to an upgrade from gold to plat: I am currently in a Pilot Gold period (13 Feb - 13 May 2017). Only needed to earn 80 SCs in that period to retain Gold for a further 12 months, but have overachieved and am already at 165, and will likely be around...
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Very sneaky by QF burying the 180 day requirement deep in the Ts & Cs. Should expect as much. I got my last offer in early Jan so miss out by a month or so. Would instead be "fairer" (non-QF definition) to say that by registering for this promo you will be ineligible for any further promos...
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    Aquire 50% extra Status Credits and double Aquire points offer

    Ditto, 2 sets of return flights in Feb and March all posted at once
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    Best balance transfer and QFF points deal available now?

    Hi all Looking to tap into your collective expertise. Can anyone advise what is the best deal going at the moment that gives a QFF points signup bonus (don't care about points earn) AND includes an interest free/low interest balance transfer period? Cheers!
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    Making the most of status and points

    Thanks, just checked that out, not a bad option. You're right about the taxes too, far less than I've seen elsewhere. The trouble for me will be getting to HKG and having to factor in a stopover to make it work. Cheers
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    Making the most of status and points

    Keen to hear of any good strategies for the following situation, which I think would be quite common: I earn my status in Dom Y - some personal, mostly work flights. Currently QF SG and unlikely to change. We (me & the Mrs) earn our QFF points through those flights and our CC spend, amounting...
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    Qantas point earn rate on LAN & TAM to be reduced

    The points calc doesn't seem to have been updated yet - I am flying Sale Y fare AKL-SCL with LA flight number in October, and it still says I'm earning 6,014 QFF points (incidentally more that the 5,250 with a QF flight number).
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    Possibility of upgrading QFi Sale Fares...

    I booked a Sale Y fare LAX-MEL when I was WP (end of 2012). Received an email from QF a few days out inviting me to upgrade, noting that this would not normally be the case (it didn't say why they were making an exception). Upgrade to J was confirmed about 48 hours out from the flight. I...
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    Using QFF points for flights within South America

    Great to hear, I've always been concerned that calling up and making difficult points bookings just makes me seem like a difficult customer, so I've only ever booked what was available online. In my South American example, in addition to needing some internal points flights, I want to fly...
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    Using QFF points for flights within South America

    Great question, I want to do exactly the same thing. Please report back how you go!!
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Best Status Run Options - A quick overview! Does anyone have any advice on OW status runs within South America and whether they are worth doing? Planning a trip to the continent and will have sale Y fares to/from Santiago, but once on the continent will have more flexibility for J. Major...
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    50% more status credits - offer valid for bookings made in next 7 days

    I got a very lame double points on Qantas international partner hotels *delete* Was really hoping for double SCs, looking at booking Europe travel.
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    Qantas club renewal (paid) prior to SG status

    This was my experience as well. Dropped from SG to QP PS with expiry in 3 months. Was then given the option to 'renew' QP membership without join fee.
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    QR J in Doha - which lounge

    Are you sure this is right? OW Sapphire flying in Y get access to the Al Mourjan Lounge? If so that would be great, but the AusBT review says even Emerald don't have access - must be flying J or F.
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    Qantas extends priority boarding to SG frequent flyers

    I have finally returned to SG after a year in the wilderness. PB is great but the aerobridge queue does make it a bit of a let down. So is it possible we have things the wrong way around? Wouldn't it be easier to start with a general boarding call for the REAR half or two-thirds of the...
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    JQ checked baggage booked through

    I have booked JQ flights MEL-TSV and return as Classic Awards. On the QF website it shows my booking has 20kg of checked baggage, but when I view my booking on, it says there is no checked baggage on the booking. Am I going to have an issue at the JQ check in counter? Can I check...
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    Flying Blue Status Match Offer

    Do you mind posting some of the text and what area of FB it was from? Might ask for the same deal!